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Selling Geocoins for Layla, Riley and Molly's Treatment


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It looks like selling coin collections is contagious and unfortunately now it is my turn. Many of you know that I am a dog person through and through. I currently have 2 english springer spaniels and a sheltie--all rescues. They are family. They all have been caching with me and have had silly little cointests here. LOL


Last week my goofy little springer Layla chewed up a plastic bottle that had naproxen in it. When I found the chewed bottle and the pills scattered around I called my vet and rushed all three of them to the office. Poison control told us that only one or two of the pills could be toxic and lead to kidney failure. I had no idea if she had eaten any or if either of my other two dogs Molly and Riley had joined in the fun so all three needed to be treated for essentially an accidental overdose. We then rushed from our vet's office to the emergency vet/hospital. After several days of emergency treatment for them I am faced with a huge vet bill. :( I’m not working and I will have to sell coins and other things to try to pay this bill. I love my coins but I love my dogs more. I will be listing coins on ebay as I can get pictures taken. My trading list isn’t up to date but if there is something there or on my keeper list that you might be interested in make me an offer. Saturday their blood work was normal so it looks like they are out of the woods and they are back home now where they belong. :D


Here is a link to one of the coins.

9-9-9 Event Geocoin




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I have an extra Natashia (Jack russel Terrier) geocoin if you'd like it to put up for auction to help pay for your vet bills. I'm a dog lover with a soft spot for shelties (obviously!)


Thanks so much! Sure another coin to auction would help!! Hugs to you and my dogs send along puppy dog kisses. :laughing:

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Bev, I am so sorry to hear about this trouble with your pups and the crazy vet bills. Since I am still struggling to pay for Max's chemo treatments I know how fast they can add up. I am relieved to hear that they all now have a clean bill of health. I will forward your auction listings on to a few other 'coiners that have been very helpful with mine..

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I won the Anasazi!! (Finally)


Did you find out for sure if any of them were poisoned (had swallowed naproxen)?


Your luck must start to pick up soon... sending you good luck vibes...


Great! I will mail it out tomorrow...


They are all doing well and finish all their meds tomorrow. I think they will be sad about that cause I give the pills to them in chunky peanut butter. As soon as they hear that lid coming off they all come running. :laughing: Nope didn't find out for sure if any of them actually ate any of the pills. My guess would be that the one that chewed the bottle may have but there is no way to tell. All their kidney function blood work came out fine. The main toxicity was renal so they are out of the woods....


Now if you could just make my shoulder pain go away!

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And there is a two tone Birka for sale too! See it here

I am finding that I am having trouble letting go of my "precious" so I have not listed as many as I should have. I have paid about a quarter to a third of the bill so far. I will continue to slowly sell coins, pathtags and other odds and ends until the bill is paid completely.


The Birka and a couple of other coins end in a few hours like an Earth Turtle Oceania I VERY much appreciate any and all bids. Again if you see something on my trading list that you would like make me an offer and you just never know I may accept.


The dogs are all doing fine and laying next to me right now snoring while I watch football. LOL

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