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I just won a new MAGELLAN EXPLORIST 100 from ebay.

The seller says it new never used. The picture shows its still in the box.

I know nothing about Magellan’s. We always buy Garmin.

Is this a good GPS?

Is it easy to load waypoints on it?


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Thats the bottom of the line Explorist unit. Doesn't even have a color screen. Not even sure if you can drag and drop you PQs on the unit or if you'll have to go through an outside program. Though i'm pretty sure it doesn't support paperless caching. Hope you didn't spend more then $100 on it.

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Price was around $50.00.

We got it for the grandchildren to use when their here. We have 6 grandchildren that love to geocache. So we thought maybe 3 units for them to share. I’m trying to keep the expense down as much as possible. I order the Geomate Jr. from Amazon for them.

Hopefully the Magellan will work fine for them.

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I started with an Explorist 200. You won't be able to connect the 100 to the computer at all, you will have to enter the coordinates by hand. Also, I don't think the 100 has much of a map--the 200 had a pretty basic base-map, the 100 won't be any better than that. That said, the reception on the 200 was always quite good, even under average tree cover. As a secondary unit, I think you will do fine with it. I'm assuming that you have a better gps for yourself, so you won't be trying to figure out driving directions or anything complicated like that using the Explorist 100. Get to your starting point, have the kids (or you) enter the coordinates, and then off you go! They can use the map screen or the compass screen to follow the arrow, and they aren't fighting over who gets to carry your gps. :) Hand entering the coordinates can get a little tedious, depending on how many you are searching for, but with 6 grandkids you can "share the wealth" of that task! :lol:

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I think the unit will be fine for them but entering coordinates will not be something they will like.

We use the Colorado 400t, eTrex Legend Cx and an eTrex Legend. I was hoping that it would be comparable to the eTrex Legend.


Thanks for the help,

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Ouch $50, they were only $100 units back when they were new and it's been a while since they were introduced, I looked at them and when i found out they had only a base map and didn't connect to a PC, I stayed clear. Sorry to be so negative but eBay is a buyer beware shopping mecca

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