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Does Magellan 610 support Wherigo feature?

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I am currently trying to install it on the ex610.


Step 1: extract the *cab file for winCE with 7Zip

Step 2: look at the _Setup.xml file and rename all shortened files accordingly

Step 3: Edit the player.exe and overwrite the string My Documents\Groundspeak\... with HDD\ocuments\Groundspeak (This repoints the default path to the internal HDD as there is no space in "My Documents")

Step 4: Copy the extracted and renamed files to \HDD\WPlayer\ on the 610

Step 5: Copy the file Wherigo Tutorial.gwc to \HDD\Groundspeak\Wherigo\Cartridges

Step 6: Install the eXMOD 1.0 and point to \HDD\Wplayer\player.exe


... this will start the Player...


but I am still struggling as the player will display an error about not finding an NMEA GPS protocol twice, but will not let me do a manual setup as a third error message appears and forces to quit.

I presume this is resulting in the non available system free space and the Player wants to write something (config file?)




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