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Matroosberg - highest cache in Western Cape


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Ok - so this Saturday??!! Ralph1dc very keen as is Andy T1 and myself so that is at least 2 vehicles - and anyone else you suggest. I would think that the following would be a suitable arrangement.


Meet at "Very Cherry" Cache (GC2KK6P) at 9:30 to 10am to leave for the top and hopefully " Higest in Western Cape" (GCG097) There are many caches on the way and around and about. You have to leave on the up route by 11am I believe and then you cannot come down until 1pm when it becomes a down route.


Only 4x4s can make it to the top but high clearance 2x4s can get to about 1km so a hike would be in order.

Ralph can take one or two and maybe Andy can also.


Coffee and picnic lunch and very warm kit would be the order of the day.


Please let me know if this is a "go" as I would like to finalise by Thurs


I will also post this now on the forum.


Feel free to rope any any others to join the fun.



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I am very keen and I would happily take a place in one of the vehicles if at all possible.


How much snow is there at the moment. I was out Ceres way last weekend and there is not a lot on the mountains there. This is on my to do list - not so much the geocache (which is a bonus) but to get to the top of Matroosberg and see some snow.


I will watch this thread to see if I make the cut!



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Ok - so the arrangements so far are as follows:


With Ralph (Ralph1dc) in his 4x4 - Ralph, Karen, Phil, Claire and girls


With Andy (AndyT1) in his 4x4 - Andy and ?,Laurance (pooks) Brian, Phil(CapeCCR)and Chris (Sawasawa) who will probably be taking his car to somewhere near the bottom.


With Patrick (Paddawan) in his 4x4 - Adriaan and Inge


Trevour - maybe you could meet/come with Chris and then jump in to one of the other vehicles at the bottom for the ride up?


The arrangement is to meet at the "Very Cherry" cache at the bottom at 09:30 looking to asscend at say 9:45 - taking it slow to enjoy the scenery and then have a bite and coffee and social at the top maybe making plans for some "diversions" on the way home.


Folks are welcome to phone me if needs be - home 021 7861039 or 082 864 5080

Look forward to seeing you all.

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Hello all, I got excited about possibly joining when I read that 4x2 with good ground clearance will make it to within a km of the top. When I checked the Matroosberg website though they say you have to have low range to drive on the mountain! Please can you confirm I can join for a drive and hike (1km) in my Forester (good clearance, 4 wheel drive, no low range).

Thanks in advance

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Please can you confirm I can join for a drive and hike (1km) in my Forester (good clearance, 4 wheel drive, no low range).

Thanks in advance


Well I have emailed them to ask and also to ask about a bike. Anyone know if they allow bikes? And if so how challenging is that last 1km?



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I think a Forrester would probably do it but I have never been there before however - there would be space in the backs of the bakkies for a couple more especially if it is only the last 1km. One has a canopy, one not. Paddawan has a short wheel landrover with canopy but space is limited there - suggest you contact him direct. He is on 082 766 3807.


I know nothing about bikes - presumably scrambler type would be fine?


I did email them a while ago but received no response. I did listen to a talk however on 567 radio that folks got there in 4x4s no problem and in 2x4s to within the last 1km. They did not say anything about low range.

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Hi All, here is a link for the Matroosberg FB page . . . http://www.facebook.com/pages/Matroosberg-Private-Nature-Reserve/447597915289 with useful info & some nice recent photos.


Unless anyone else has room in their vehicle and will be returning by early evening, I will be going in my own (non-4X4) car from Simon's Town departing around 06h00-06h30 and doing a 'couple' of roadside caches along the way to meet up at the Very Cherry cache as proposed & then hitch a ride up the mountain in one of the 4X4s. I have to be back in ST by 18h30 and so would need to time my return accordingly. It takes around 2hrs to CT airport from the Reserve entrance and therefore approx. 2.5 hrs back to ST (via Baden Powell Drive (R310). So any return trip delays/deviations would need to be rather limited.


Anyone who would like a ride on that basis is most welcome. My mobile is 082 057 1636 forshaw.chris@gmail.com

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As far as I know the 6 hr trip includes the circular route near the top which adds the extra time.

You do not have to do this added on bit to get to the top.

I will make a call and get a time from the start of the trail to the top without this added on bit and report back

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Ok, just spoke to a mate of mine who did the trail a few months ago.


Allow 2 hrs to get to the top, a bit shorter if you don't stop to admire the view.

Add 2 hrs if you want to do the additional 4x4 circular route at the top - I don't intend doing this.

2 hrs to get down.


So if we leave the top around 13:00 we should be back at the bottom by 15:00

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Hello all, I got excited about possibly joining when I read that 4x2 with good ground clearance will make it to within a km of the top. When I checked the Matroosberg website though they say you have to have low range to drive on the mountain! Please can you confirm I can join for a drive and hike (1km) in my Forester (good clearance, 4 wheel drive, no low range).

Thanks in advance

I have driven the road. I would NOT take anything but a very capable 4x4 with low range up the road. It is a "grade 4" road and is very rough, with a high clearance, good entry and exit angles and plenty of power needed. You will be driving over boulders and dongas while climbing steep slopes. There is a good chance of deep mud and slushy snow and ice. Also take a tyre inflation pump with you (preferably 1 for each vehicle) as you will need to deflate the tyres for improved traction. An experienced driver is also needed.


......have fun!

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Have a look a the photo on this page.They say it is "Average" difficulty.....till it snows. The extra bit at the top is refered to as "more challenging".


They refer to to trail in the snow as being "a 4x4 challenge".


I thought it was a little dirt road up a slope to the snow. I was wrong and was very glad to be in a jeep. I took it very slowly, getting out of the car on occasion to plan where each wheel would go.


Please don't take this drive too lightly. Arrive EARLIER than 11am. Vehicles get stuck and cause a back up on the trail. Being one of the first ones up will get you plenty of help if you need it.


(taking your pregnant wife along is probably not a great idea....)

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We did this trip 6 years years ago in November and did the cache while we were up there.

Even in the summer months there were sections of the road where we had to stop and repack it as not to damage our vehicles.

Agree totally with CapeDoc.

Would also suggest staying over the night prior to going up so that you can leave early before the other vehicles churn the track up.

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Well I just called them and they did not seem to think there were any issues - the lady just said 4x4 in low range and bikes are fine. She did say the 4x2 trail ended more than 1km from the top and was like a two hike to get to the top. She said the drive was about 1.5 hours.


So I am thinking I will meet the group at The cherry cache on my trusty steed and give it a go - if it is beyond my capabilities (the bike will be fine its me I am worried about!) I can park the bike and hopefully get a lift up. She said there is only a little snow left after the last snowfall on June 20 and all the hot weather we have been having. She told me it woudl be R200 for the bike and R50 for me. I am not sure whether a car attracts a higher fee but it is R50 per person plus vehicle fee.


I am very likely to go but will confirm this so we all know who is coming or not.


Any other bikers?



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I can load my farm XT250 on the back of my bakkie and bring it along and then we can do the bike thing! I mean the more the merrier. Not as cool as your city slicker thumper, but it does its thing (and not nearly as heavy).


Or what about a MTB. This is getting interesting!

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This is all getting rather exciting - I have no idea what to expect but I DO know it will be an adventure and hopefully fun. Then compnay will be great of that we are assured! So still we meet at the Very Cherry cache at 09:30 in 4x4s, motorbikes, bicycles, wheelbarrows whatever and we take it from there. CapeDocs advice is sage and well appreciated. Hopefully the drivers will be suitably equipped - as I know them all and can vouch for their experience.


Do take personal warmth kit as well.


See you all then.

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MMM had a reply from Matroosberg and I am deciding that discretion is thebetter part of vaour andwill not be attempting to ride up to the top - not now anyway.


I might come through to cherry cache and see if there is a place in a 4x4.


If I am there I am there. Have fun all.



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Thanks to everyone who joined us to make this such a great trip and no problems up or down despite it certainly being the most extreme 4x4 trail I have ever been on! I was laughing thinking that the poor chap has had no logs for 364 days on his cache and now will have 11 probably today. What perfect weather. Drivers Ralph, Patrick and Andy - wow you guys are amazing!

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