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How to I instruct my wife to get out of the woods (mag GC)

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Well, I dunno 'bout your wife, but wandering about, and seeing the backtrack leaving the breadcrumb trail is pretty easy (my wife needed 'splainin' what a breadcrumb trail is.... it happens).


Another, and I think better way, is to MARK her starting point. Ride away (no need to have the unit 'on'), when ready to return, just go to that waypoint she created with the MARK. Just like hunting up a cache, no different and no need to stay on the crumbtrail.


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Hi all! My daughter and I have been having a blast with this gps but my wife wants it for the horse rides. We have a explorist GC. So how does she start her trip and then follow breadcrumbs back out?

Thanks in advance!


How deep woods/off trail we talking here? In my area 2 miles in-and-lost means maybe a 4 mile walk if you can't find your way around. But even a sprained ankle can turn 2 miles into a heck of journey. A gps can help but we don't want to just leave it at that.

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