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I got my coins!

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I have just picked up my new geocoins, (First time owner!!) and two of the three have not yet been activated. I am not too sure yet if I am going to send them out, send out doppelgangers, or just keep them in my collection (I know some people have VERY strong opinions about doppelgangers - I am not asking for opinions about them). My question is, if I decide to hold on to them in my collection, what is the benefit to activating them, as opposed to keeping them inactivated?



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Hi there, don't forget you can search the forums to see what other people have written on this topic previously, rather than starting a new thread about the same thing. See the links below of some recent threads where the activation of geocoins has been discussed. :)


Geocoin help Please? To activate, or not to activate? That is the question

Collecting geocoins

My link Collecting Geocoins to double or to not


Also, you should make the thread title more descriptive as it will usually help solicit a response. :)

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... Rookie mistake, I should know better!!! :unsure:

Not at all! How's a rookie to the forums to know that the topic's come up before if you haven't been around to see it? Search???? Not the first feature a rookie is likely to use.


True, but I am no rookie to the forums!! Lol

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