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1000 earthcaches to see before you die


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I just saw those stromatolites on Nat Geo channel yesterday :D Does that count as visit :laughing:

So sad - I went to a remote beach in the UAE (between Abu Dhabi and the Saudi border) to a spot where stromatolites "grow" to place a cache.


But unfortunately progress got there beofre us - the area had been dredged and the area where they had been documented a number of years ago is now "developed" into a marina for residential houses :(

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Im putting this one on my list


Mt. Fuji


The pictures are amazing.


I wish the climbing season wasn't so restricted on Fuji-san, we'll be in Japan in December, and I'm not sure if we'll get a chance to get back there another time. But I hear it gets pretty nasty up there in the winter, so overall I guess missing this one is better than slipping off or freezing to death!

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Well, the title is "1000 earthcaches to see before you die".

Went to my niece's wedding in Maine a week ago. We decided to search for EarthCaches in states/provinces in which we had not yet found EarthCaches. Found four: NH, QC, VT and Ma.

We found two to be remarkable: Les secrets de la marmite ! The kettle’s secrets ! and Quechee Gorge Earth Cache. I would highly recommend both of these.

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Where was that picture taken?


Canary Springs in upper terrace of the Mammoth area, somewhat between the main area of the Mammoth and Orange Mound earthcaches. We generally tried to hit the main tourist areas early, but by the time we got up to Mammoth (having been distracted by several earthcaches along the way), there were already groups of tour buses that made it a bit crowded. So we came back to it later in the day, after hiking in the Lamar Valley, and there was hardly anyone there. Timing is everything in many locations.


There is probably room for even more. There were a few spots that struck me as being great earthcaches, but my lack of geological knowledge (and inability to find much information relating to the particular site) will probably mean that someone else has to do them. The entire area seemed like the "holy grail" of earthcaching. I have not run across any similar area that is so rich in both numbers and experience. Do it before the supervolcano blows and ends Western civilization as we know it.


I had planned to do a bunch of earth caches there but the crowds were incredible when we were there around the earth caches we had planned so I gave up on it. I'm in total support of doing them in the evening or early morning before the crowds come in.

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After our recent trip to Hawaii, I'd have to add Pu'u'ula'ula (Red Hill) Haleakala Volcano Summit (GC18Z99) to the list. Check out this view and it's apparently even more amazing if you go at sunrise...


YES!! If you Ever go to Hawaii, Haleakala is a MUST! Another to add to the 1000 list would be Palouse Falls Earthcache(GC15NZ5). Note, This is my cache, BUT just read the logs of Moun10Bike and TripCyclone to get their opinions...




And YES, Someone DID take their KAYAK off that fall!!


The Steaks

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Another to add to the 1000 list would be Palouse Falls Earthcache(GC15NZ5). Note, This is my cache, BUT just read the logs of Moun10Bike and TripCyclone to get their opinions...


Looks very nice. If I ever get out to Washington again, I will be sure to add that to my list of places to visit.


Psst - photographs are supposed to be optional now.

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I'm pretty sure I didn't spot these ones on the list yet.

My favourite earth cache so far is definitely The Secret River in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is absolutely amazing experience! The tour takes aprox. 3 hours, but it was well worth it.


The Caye to my Heart! is in Caye Caulker, Belize.

Another one worth visiting. The tiny little island is the cutest little thing on earth.


You can see The Blue Hole from Google earth, it is that huge. For those who do scubadiving, this is a must.


Hunapú (Volcan de Agua)


In Guatemala there is one that I haven't visited, because I didn't have correct equipment with me, but I'm definitely going there some day. It is worth visiting, they said.

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My top 10, in the order I found them


Illawarra Escarpment Sea Cliffs An interesting man-made solution to a natural problem


Miranda Shellbank Earthcache (Waikato) Never seen so many shells in one place


Earthcache I - a simple geology tour of Wasp Head I live just a few Km from this one


Is this the smallest desert in the world? I persuaded the tour guide to stop here and it is now on her list of regular stops


Ghost Forest – Shaken, Sunken, Salted, and Silted An eerie place


Shannon Falls I'm a sucker for a good waterfall


The Disappearing Lake Quite possibly the most beautiful location I have seen


And the Wall Wept Earthcache Would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it


Takakkaw Falls Yes, I know, another waterfall


The White Sands of Hyams Beach Supposedly the whitest sand in the world.

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