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COINTEST: The Really Lame Story Cointest

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Keep watching Marie... I had a letter from USA recently that took 28 days to come.... your letter with the notes came after... 14 days(?, and it is strange... since it is summer and we have many norwegian tourists here.... so many airplanes) ... and the record in the ones that showed up (and not lost..) has a letter from Ted, from Canada! It took 60 days to come and it was opened and reclosed from the customs... it had stamps about it...


so.... you never know.... if it takes more than 50 days.... hmm....then....


Do you know the exact date the coin was sent to you? you will have to start from that day and count..


Yes, I know... sometimes post office is extremelly quick like they are sending the letter with rockets..... but sometimes...it isi like they use camels or mules! :laughing:


I hope you will get it soon my friend!

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I can relate too, I have been trading a lot this last 2 months and have had every package through from all over the world in maximum 10 days except one from Tennessee Jed. He sent it out on the 8th of August and I'm still hoping it will turn up :)

As Nikos says, sometimes things arrive in super fast time and others just disappear :P And there is nothing we can do about it!

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Woooohoooo! The Really Lame postal service has finally left the Really Lame coin in my post box! Only 6 weeks from USA to Norway, I wonder what Really Lame places the coin has visited.


The coin is very nice, thanks to boiler-todd for the Really Lame cointest and to EyeD10T for the cointest that enabled boiler-todd to do this! Now, as the pollen season is definitely over, let's see what kind of Really Lame stuff I can use the coin for... :rolleyes:

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