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WTB 81mm Ammo Can to Place on the old APE Cache Site.

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So I am placing a Tribute Cache at the Old Site of Mission 9: Tunnel of Light, which was the Second to Last active APE cache in the world. I have full permission from Moun10bike and Groundspeak and am going through the permit process. A few months ago I bought 2 pallets of 120mm Ammo cans and still have 10 left. I mistakenly thought the APE cache was an 120mm ammo can, I should have known as I was up there 3 times before it got stolen.


Well, I was just corrected by the man who would know better then anyone and was told it was an 81mm ammo can.




Doh! One of the main reasons I was set was that I have backups. I want to make this cache as close to the original as possible and I don't have a ton of cash lying around, I work retail. If someone was able to sell me some cheap (Under their real value), trade for some awesome 120mm cans or even donate them as a message to the jerk who stole the lids and then the whole container it would be amazing. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will be noted in the Thank You's when the cache publishes hopefully later this month.


Yours in Caching,



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Just had a look at google and came up with these links, hope they can help.








Or try getting in touch with the makers, they may sponsor you with one or two if you explain to them what you are doing.

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