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Poll: See who is watching a Cache


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Originally posted by TrimblesTrek:

I don't recall seeing a poll, so here it is... (Please forgive me if this has already been done.... I guess I missed it.)

Yep, you missed it...


Should you be able to see people on a watch list?


The poll has ended with these results...

Who, if anyone, should be able to see the list of people on a geocache's watch list?


Results (364 votes counted so far):


10% No one


51% Just the owner


39% Everyone


1% Undecided

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Um, that poll breakdown comes to 101%.


Is that the new math they teach in schools now??



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Um... I don't think I have any problem with maths, but at the moment this poll is showing:


Results (11 votes counted so far):








How did the other 73 per cent vote?





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