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Great time at GeoWoodstock!

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Those trackable shirts are the coolest. So glad I got my hands on one. It was great meeting everyone today. Seems I've made a few new friends from other parts of the world. I also think I've got enough personal trackables to last me a couple of years.... haha


Which by the way I would like to give a big thank you to all the trackable vendors that traveled from, Utah, Denver, Texas and many other states to make the event so much better!!


Also a big thank you to all the volunteers and their dedication to make this day great!


Also I don't know how many of you did the Spongebob series but that was a riot!!! Had alot of fun spending time with cachers and telling funny random stories.... Can't wait to find out where it will be held next year.


5000 people isn't a bad turnout I would say...... and I got introduced to something called a pathtag? Interesting..... its like trading magic cards (I don't have any but I see people trading them all the time)


If you attended please comment on your experience


This was my first event ever!!!



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Your first event and it was GW9? Very impressive.


I was there, too, as was my 11 year old daughter/cacher. We also had a great time. We worked our way over to the dam, and up to the overlook for a little walk in the woods (all the road side micros were rather tiresome, although I did contribute my name to quite a few of them). Overall, 5K people converging on the fairgrounds, a rather smooth experience.

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An enjoyable time had here too! Did I meet you SunbeamBatteries? I think I did one of your caches on the way home.


Met SO many people and I have a huge bag of pathtags I traded for. I did the AGT Warren county requirement for the coin and just doing those 6 caches took me all over the area. One of them was where the Spongebob series was but I didn't have time for it. I was pleased with the facilities, plenty of parking and plenty of restrooms, places to sit if you wanted and no end of places to spend $$. And I never felt crowded, which is good because I am not a fan of crowds.


Not to mention all the other events during the weekend. From the Mama's breakfast to the train ride, the meet and greet, anniversary, coin event and beach event. Only one I didn't make was the ball game, was busy spelunking :)

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