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COINTEST: Photographic Story of Geocaching


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This cointest is the result of us winning the "What would you do?" Cointest, where we won one of EyeD10T's Home is Where the Cache Is, Series 2 geocoins with the following submission:


"With one of us being a professional photographer and the other being the unofficial assistant, our lives and hobbies (geocaching, SCUBA diving, etc.) are engrossed in photography. We realize that not everyone is a professional photographer or has formal training, but we always encourage people to pick up a camera and tell their story! Our idea for a cointest would be a picture cointest with the objective being to tell your story of geocaching in one photograph. Your creativity is your boundary with this. We encourage thoughtfulness, and we aren't looking for certain parameters. We leave it open, so you have the ability to express yourself."


One of the terms for us winning the cointest, is that we would actually run our cointest idea. So, here it is! The cointest will run from July 1, 2011 to July 18, 2011 at midnight EST. The winner of the cointest will receive the second Home is Where the Cache Is goecoin, in black nickel, that EyeD10T sent us to run the cointest.


There is a limit of two submissions per account, so make sure you are posting your two best photos! Please post your submission in the forum. The photos will be judged by the fstop64 team. We encourage creativity and please do not feel like you have to be a professional photographer to participate. We will notify the winner as soon as possible after the 18th.


This is our first time running the cointest, so we're sure there is information we have left out. Please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification or any questions you may have!

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I'll post this one as a submission for this cointest since it's my favorite photo so far!




This is Kaylee our geocaching dog (she's trackable now with her own coin!). The first weekend that we decided to really jump into geocaching we went with a good friend who also has a geocaching dog. We weren't sure how they would get along but they did just fine!


We searched for 9 caches and found 8 of them during our day long hike. We were hooked! One of them was this cache which was dog themed and we couldn't resist taking this photo.. it's not with our big fancy camera, it's with his phone but I still love it.


Sadly the other dog passed away unexpectedly and we can't replicate this day, but this photo still reminds me of a great day we had with our dogs and a good friend!

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Thanks for this nice cointest!


I took my camera and took a photo of a cache looking at us after "THE FIND" (this is the title of the photo :lol: ). My son is taking the travelbug, my daughter holds already the logbook and I'm still looking at my GPS not knowing that the family already found it :laughing:



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Fulfilling the mission of "JTBC-Travel To THE WALL Bug" - TBPYBE.


This was one of the first travel bugs I ever moved. I took it from Nevada to DC to get a picture with two specific names on the Vietnam Wall, then dropped it off in a cache there. It made it's way back to the owner in California not long after - Mission Accomplished!

I was so proud I could do this for someone I'd never met. It really meant a lot to them. And to me.

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Me, on top of Frenchman Mountain on the eastern rim of Las Vegas, April 18, 2006. The name of the cache, oddly enough, was Frenchman Mountain; a 2/3.5 that involved a two hour hike - up an unshaded switchback road, a dip into a saddle, and then up a long unshaded path. (It was a lot faster going back down.) Well worth it for the view!


Yes, there was a lot more to me then, than there is now, particularly around the stomach. And my hair was a mess, yep, it was windy, I had to hang onto the cache to avoid being blown off the mountain. But what a VIEW!

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5 people, one dog, one pair of waders and a dingy boat trying to get an island cache on February 13 with a -20C windchill


Ode to a wonderful, magical animal




an unfound scuba diving cache, 182kms from home...many emails later the plan was ready, one boat owner to get us there, a friend of theirs for moral support, CO to keep us company and myself, in the picture, and dfx diving, half hour later we had Great Success! :D


Sleeping with the Fish(s)



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I was also fortunate enough to submit a winning entry for EyeD10T's Cointest, so please do not consider this an entry, but It's a geocaching picture of great signifigance to me.


The picture show Logan and Heineken standing on top of a sculpture (no, the crab is not me...I'm a different type of crab,) at the EMGT – East Otto – Adventures in Sculpture Park. The crab points the way to the geocache. The picture was taken about a month before Logan died, and is the last picture I have of him. He loved his walks with Heineken and I.




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This picture is of my dad and I trying to work out the coordinates to the third clue of a 4 part puzzle/multi cache, taken by my mum who thought we looked funny sitting by the side of the road in the woods on a computer.


At each stage you were given the distance to the next clue, and all the numbers for the next coordinates which you had to put in order.

It was our second attempt at this cache, so to try and make sure we found it this time, my dad brought along his netbook so we could use Google Earth to give us an idea of what the coordinates should be (as we'd guessed all the clues were somewhere along a track through the woods, and we weren't having much luck just plugging them into my GPS).


We eventually managed to work it out after first searching in the wrong place for 30 minutes, and about 3.5 hours after first starting we found the cache.

We normally wouldn't take a computer with us while out searching for a cache (and so far haven't used it again) but I think without it that time we probably wouldn't have found it.

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This is a picture of me at an Earthcache in Rome called Aqva Marcia. This was my first trip anywhere out of Canada and I had to try to get a couple of caches while in the Eternal City! I did not actually get the Smiley for this one because I was unable to find the answers to the questions you needed to answer...but I know I found it!




This next one is me on our first day on the Spanish Steps. I found this one without my GPS because I hadn't realized yet that I had to reset my maps due to being so far from home. This one was hard due to all the muggles...I knew where it was immediatly (from the clue) but had to hang out a few minutes before I could grab it.




And finally...this is the only cache I found in Florence. This is for 2 reasons...one, the very tall, closely packed buildings made getting a sattelite read very difficult and, two, Florence is such an amazing city that I was too busy looking at vereything and experiencing the feeling of being where some of the greats did their work to be bothered to look for caches...but I had to find one...



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Well... here is my frist entry!!!


Not the best photo but we couldn't even stand up there! After a very tiring hike we went on the top of the second tallest mountain in rhodes! It is not very high... (close to 900 meters?) but there is no road to go up... and comparing to the tallest mountain here where there is even a road and you can go to the top by car.... this was way much more difficult!


Except that... we did something very crazy..... we went to the cache during Winter.... when there was a very strong wind (9 in Beaufort scale... that means... the wind speed was 20.8–24.4 m/s) so close to the top we couldn't even stand!!! we had to go in 4..... my eyeglasses were about to leave... ( I had to hold them), and my sister almost started flying... my brother in law was holding her!!! It was scary because the wind was so strong that was pushing us to the edge of the clif...


As you will see.... I was the only one without a head protector... so my hair.... :D


We are holding my sister tide.. and we tried to take this photo.... the best we could!


The dall background is because of the weather, and the clowds.... on our way back it started raining and the rocks were slippery... we all had at least one good fall....

It took us a long time to go up (we are fat too... so...) but the way down was ok... except the falls... :laughing:

there were some goats there... and when we came down.... we were smelling like goats too! huh!


anyway... here is our photo...



I know that we are allowed to post only one photo... but this is just to show you the clif... and how high we were... there are some trucks on the fields... Oh yes! :D





so the first is the photo that counts... right? :)

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My first entry to this cointest: Familiar places seen in a new light.


I had been going along to a swimming pool in a nearby town for over 2 years before I thought to look for caches nearby. When I finally did, it took me through 2 lovely lakeside parks and across this bridge and back again, which added a 2 mile walk to the half mile swim each trip. It was hard to pick a photo of the ones I've collected of squirrels, ducklings, signets and all kinds of other great views, but the bridge is symbolic of how caching has taken me to some familiar places and got me to see them in different ways.



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Submission #2: finding food and other serendipity.


Mr F took this one of me and Minimoo, our youngest. We had all reached the top of Tonelagee but our other child was taken by the wide open spaces and went off wandering out of sight, this wasn't too big an issue except that low cloud was blowing in up there and fairly soon the fantastic views would disappear and we'd be engulfed in fog. We split up with Mr F going off to find her while me & Moo took the more direct route. Except the 2 of them yomped back to the car before us, and then spotted the 2 of us still up on the hillside. We 2 had found breakfast for the next day! A big bonus as we had the makings of pancakes and not much to go in them. We were on holiday staying in a tiny stone open plan cabin miles from anywhere. The hillside was covered in bilberry bushes, and they were ripe for harvesting. It took me back to my own childhood when I'd find whimberries/whortleberries as a Shropshire lass. We soon filled a box, and have happy family memories of picking these in a wonderful setting.


There are all kinds of things we find when caching as extras besides a cache, and it's so much better to be able to share these discoveries, as well as the caching. B)



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Geocaching is all about friendship and beautiful places!



The photo shows three good friends :) at a very nice virtual cache in Liverpool, England (http://coord.info/GC2E4D). Two TBs that I'm currently moving, and my personal mileage tracker coin.


I was not with any friends at that exact time, but I enjoy geocaching with "old" friends, I meet new friends on the track, at events and online. I'm exchanging e-mails with the smurf TB owners - the family seems to enjoy my little stories about the smurf's life (TB40Z5J). :) I'm sure everyone have similar stories about friendship and places!

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One thing I like about geocaching is all the interesting places it takes you to that you'd never have known about if a cache wasn't there - which makes it a great way to see places while travelling and finding new places close to where you live. This photo was from one of the most memorable caches I've been to.


Near the top of a hill after quite a steep hike, the path was lined with crosses, leading up to the highest point and a statue of Mary. If I remember correctly each cross was a different design and made by a different town or church, and it also had great views of the surrounding mountains. It was about 2 hours from our house and if the cache wasn't there, I'd probably never have known about it.



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And the winner is in...picked on creativity and the story of geocaching the photograph alone told...Yanagi! Congratulations!




We did not read the stories that accompanied the photographs prior to judging. This was done intentionally as to not bias the photograph itself, since this cointest was to be based on a photograph that captured a story of geocaching. This was a hard decision, and we felt that a others were worthy of honorable mention:











Thank you to everyone that participated for sharing your photographs and stories. We did enjoy reading about everyone's adventures and dedication to find the caches!

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:D Wow, I won my first cointest!!!! I can't believe it! :D Thank you so much!! I liked the other photos very much, especially mamoreb's one, but of course I'm happy to be the winner this time. Will send you my address and thanks again for the great cointest.
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:D Wow, I won my first cointest!!!! I can't believe it! :D Thank you so much!! I liked the other photos very much, especially mamoreb's one, but of course I'm happy to be the winner this time. Will send you my address and thanks again for the great cointest.

Yay! Congratulations! :) It is a very good photo, and such an unusual composition too, with lots going on.


Thanks for the cointest fstop64, we enjoyed all the entries too.

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Congratulations, yanagi! I absolutely loved your photo when I saw it, and realized there was no way I could come up with anything better. It really stood out for me.


I'm glad that some of you liked my submission - the Liverpool scenery did a lot for that photo.

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