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Error with Hiptop / Sidekick browser

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Recently, searching for caches on the Danger Hiptop / T-Mobile Sidekick browser stopped working. From /hideseek/, typing in a zipcode dumps you to <http://www.geocaching.com/./nearest.aspx?zip=55403&dist=100>, for instance, with it saying "Server Error in '/' Application" and it telling me a 404 error as if I didn't know what a 404 error was. =) This also happens when you do "nearby caches," although the url after .aspx? has the lat and lon values instead. Same error.


Looks like it's choking on the /./ bit. Is it really needed to build the urls this way?


As the Sidekick is what I use to log caches from the cache site, this is extreamly frustrating. I log about 90% of caches I find from the cache site, and rarely use my powerbook at home. I never print out any of the cache pages either, as I always (used to) have them easily available from where I am at the time.


I am able to get to cache pages if I do a search for the specific waypoint, and it bypasses the "nearest.aspx" page.


Is the old interface available for people that need it, or will there be a fix soon?




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