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Name this park

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At some point in the last several years, on one of my many geocaching trips around the northwest, I encountered a large park with a concrete circle about 100 feet in diameter, with a low wall all around the outside of it. If one were to stand in the center of the circle and whisper, the sound of their voice would echo perfectly back to them, delayed by a fraction of a second.


Any idea where this place is?

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N 47° 38.889 W 122° 11.367


This park has an area like that, although I'm not sure it's the exact one you're thinking about.




Not even sure it's the one I'm thinking about.

I'm just looking at some maps trying to remember where it is.

I haven't been there in many years. If this isn't it, then it's next to 405, also on the west side of the freeway, except further north. I seem to remember it as being farther north, almost up to 522. I've looked at some maps but am not finding anything in the area I thought I remembered it in.

Next time I'm up there I'll go looking where I thought it was and get back to you.

Now it's bugging me.

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Well if it was in Oregon, Bodoni would be correct and the very near by cache is Council Crest Cache. Which is also one of the Oregon History Ccahes. Hope this helps.

That's it! I logged it on June 27, 2004. Now I remember the grassy hills below it, too. For some reason, I thought it was Mt. Tabor in Portland, but when I looked at the maps, that was clearly wrong. Then I got to thinking it was in Vancouver BC or Victoria, but couldn't find anything up there.


Thanks, Bodoni!

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