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Archived Cache: The Haystack


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You'll need your own transportation, some good walking shoes, and be rather fit for this one. Take a picture from the final location and upload it here for true credit.


There are actually several 'steps' to completing this task, which will be more evident once you get closer to the cache site. This one will take a bit of somewhat difficult walking, so bring your sneakers or hiking shoes, some water, and try to pace yourself. You'll get full credit for finding this site once you post a picture from the final location.

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I read the virtual cache requirements and now realize this cache should remain archived. It's merely the top of a very prominent mountain in Aruba (you'd know it when you visited Aruba), which is a violation of virtual caches. Sorry to waste everyone's time.

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There are Vacation caches and Vacation caches. When I visit Scotland, that's a one time trip. If I put on in Kingman AZ, that one I can check up on every year or more often, plus I have the resources to take care of the cache there.


There is a difference. A virtual vacation cache...that' a tougher call. Your virtual may have not been quite right, but that you go back all the time should of made the vacation part a non issue.


Wherever you go there you are.

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