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Little Rhody 2011 Sea Star...


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Very cute.... oh, it's only available to locals? Never mind.... next!!


You'll just have to come to one of my events - I tend to raffle off a couple at each one.


Or visit an out-of-state cache I find - I usually leave one or two behind in each new state I visit.


(edit: I don't raffle a coupe, but rather a couple)

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now these are really nice...


please let "the locals" or "the wild" know that Iowa (unfortunately landlocked) hasn't seen a starfish in all of recorded time.


I am willing to serve the the cause and distribute a few in Iowa (and other Midwest caches)


I of course would covertly keep one


:ph34r::rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes::ph34r:

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Is New Zealand on your "to do" list? :rolleyes:

How can New Zealand NOT be on one's To Do list??? :blink:


Sorry these are not for sale. I would love to add to the series. :( Have you come anywhere near St. Louis, MO?




Sorry - we were just in MO last year. We did leave some of the 2010 Flukes in caches though.

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WOW!!!! Guys..... this coin Rocks!!!!! It is so pretty!!!! I have one in my hands!!!! thanks Chris!! :D


It is one of the cutiest coins I have ever seen and be sure you will agree with me when you see it and hold it!

when you touch it with your fingers... the feeling is almost like you are touching a real starfish...you know... the rough skin...of the starfish...


they did amazing job!! Bravo to the brothers from USA! :D Rhodes island salutes you!!! :D

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