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Another "How Would You Rate This?" Thread

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I currently have two small series out. Each series consists of four caches (call them North, South, East, and West). In order to find the fifth and final cache in the series you have to draw a line connecting North and South and a line connecting East and West. Where those two lines cross is the final. To add a little difficulty, each of the four starting caches is either a projection or a two part multi. This was done to prevent people from simply taking the coordinates from parts one through four and going straight for the final. This way they have to find the entire series.... I currently have the eight preliminary caches rated individually and the two finals rated as difficulty 3.5 due to the possible innaccuracy in doing the "cross" and with an appropriate terrain rating. You can find the full list of caches through my profile, but the finals that are out currently are GC2MCNR and GC2PMN1.


The first series I put out is taking the average cacher about 1.5-2 hours and involves about 25 miles of driving. The second is a bit easier, and can probably be completed in about an hour with only 10-15 miles of driving.


My goal is to place two more of these "cross" series. Once placed, the final cache from each of the four series can then be used to do a fifth "cross" leading to a final cache. This means that in order to find the ultimate final, you would have to have completed all four earlier series. That's a total of 16 multi/projection caches in order to find the finals for each of those series....which would give you a 17th and final cache. How would you rate the difficulty of that final cache?

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Rate it based on the difficulty in finding the cache. Mention that in the description. But i doubt you'll have may people going for that final cache. Unless you can make that final really worth people's effort.


For example, every year in Maryland we have CAM (Cache Across Maryland). 14 caches are placed all across the state. People average about 1000 miles of travel getting to all the caches. In each cache is a hint to the location of the final. The final being a huge picnic just a few weeks after the caches are reveled on the MGS forums. You may want to have a look at it. The day of the picnic the caches are released to the public. The event cache is only left up for a couple of weeks allowing people to log it.


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It sounds like a lot of work (and REALLY REALLY cool, might I add. I'd say at least a 4, maybe a 4.5, just because of the legwork. And while we're at it, what's a "projection" cache?

If i'm not mistaken the basic projection cache will have you start at the listed cords then head off at a certain direction for a distance to find the actual cache.

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It sounds like a lot of work (and REALLY REALLY cool, might I add. I'd say at least a 4, maybe a 4.5, just because of the legwork. And while we're at it, what's a "projection" cache?


Sorry I wasn't clear on that. When I say a "projection" cache what I mean is a cache in the unknown/puzzle category where the cache page gives a set of coordinates and a distance and bearing. The final for that cache can be found that distance at that compass bearing from the posted coordinates. I've only used two of that type of cache because they can be solved while sitting at a computer at home and I'm trying to avoid that. I just got a bit lazy on that set. All of the others are multi-caches that either have the coordinates for the final in the first stage or they have a distance and bearing in the first stage and you have to project your way to the second stage.


As for it being a lot of work...... Between scouting locations in Google Earth, then looking at them in the real world, then doing the math and actually hiding the caches, each series takes me about 40-45 hours of work to put together.

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Unless there is a $20 in the cache for each and every finder...I'm out.

Whenever I see a cache that REQUIRES me to find >however many< other caches, it goes on the ignore list immediately...too many possibilities for issues/problems.


I would love to work on a final cache like this, but it is true that it is very easy for the cache to get screwed up. Prompt attention to issues such as missing caches would be essential.


Also, what you are calling a projection cache is technically called a multi-offset. It should be listed as a multi cache, not a puzzle.

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I personally wouldn't be traveling 30+ miles just to complete one cache (or attempt to complete because I suppose that I wouldn't find the final). Too much of a crapshoot for me with maintenance and so forth as well. I would ignore it completely.


That being said 3 or 4 for difficulty.

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Sounds like a fun cache to me! but hey, I drove over a hundred miles just to get the 'Original Stash Cache' outside of Portland. I enjoy the hunt and like the adventures. I would rather spend a weekend on a cool hunt that was involved rather than just blow out a dozen in a day. To me, it's about the memorable finds, and those have never been the quick and easy 'cache & dash' types.

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