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help with magellan triton 300

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Well i got a GPS unit finally, lugging a laptop around the woods was getting tiresome. When I bought it the seller told me it had an SD slot which it doesn't but o well I'm learning how to use it even with its limitations. Anyways the base map sucks I've figured out how to make new maps for it, I even loaded the Explorist base map into it which I didn't like and went back to the old one. What I would like to know is, does anyone have some other base maps that might work with this thing also is there a program that will allow me to convert maps meant for other devices into maps that will work with this one. One more thing I'm looking for is maps for all of the new york state forest lands and the trails in them.




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There are several map options that will work in the Triton. The problem is the 300 has limited available memory (20 MB) to add maps. You will need to use a program such as Mapsend topo 3D, or NG Topo to be able to cut a map area you need within the file size limit. There are ways to create your own custom image maps, but again the 300 does not have expandable memory so the map cut area will be small.

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