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Discover Your World II geocoin


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:lol:Oh my goodness, I can't believe one of my pictures was chosen!! I feel so honored to be in the top five, out of all the great pictures that I've seen. It must have been a really hard decision! I will have to agree with anne.and.eli, whatever picture is chosen you'll end up with a great coin. :lol:



Thanks again for the cointest and I can't wait to see the results!

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This is a tough one. I really like the Depth of Field of A, but I like the color range of C. A has a great view and it actually looks as if you could walk into those tunnels through the coin.

In the End though I feel as if the actual size and dimensions, along with the colors and view of the towers slightly overcame the other picture so in my very long winded way this is my way of saying that I VOTE FOR C!

Thanks for the adventure.

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I like C the best though it would be nice to have a choice from another continent...we already have N. America with the first coin. And that is not saying these entries aren't amazing! What is it with all the photographers here on the forums?:)

I wish I had tried again to upload my Aussie photos but I will make sure it gets done for the third coin....

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Well, I left the voting open for an extra day because yesterday was a holiday for me.


I don't think it made much of a difference as the clear winner took almost 2/3rds of the votes.


So, here is your official Discover Your World II photo contest winner:


C. Monument Valley




The winning photo was submitted by anne.and.eli who will receive a full set of DYW2 coins!


Thanks for everyone who participated -- either by submitting photos or voting for your favourite.



Here is your finished artwork...



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For those interested, the formations in the photograph (from left to right) are called Brigham's Tomb (or Saddleback), The King on his Throne, East Mitten, and Stagecoach. East Mitten in the foreground is in Arizona and the rest are across the state line in Utah.


I'm guessing this was taken from somewhere near Artist Point.

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Oh yay, thank you!!! I loved the first coin in this series, but never got a chance to get one. I'm so happy I get to get this one! :D


That trip was incredible. I went with another photographer, and so we did a lot of photo tour things, which meant our tours were timed for the best light, and we got to see areas off the beaten path. The antelope canyon picture I entered was from the same trip. I definitely have great memories, although I have to say "monument VALLEY" is still 5000'+ elevation and at 6a I was FEELIN' that hike out there. Wow, I have never felt so out of shape in my life! Also, I really have no idea where we were. We drove off road for a while (well, our guide did) and hiked in the dark to catch the sunrise. Our vantage was positioned so that we could catch the sun rising in the little nook between the first two pillars, as you can see here:



Once the sun had risen, I turned my camera around and lowered the tripod a bit and caught the picture I entered.


Thanks again for the cointest and I feel very honored to have one of my photos featured. :D There were some incredible photos entered!

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Hmmm.... So who wins the XLE coin from the ones that voted?


Thanks for reminding me!


The winner of the XLE coin is....




Post #81: FunkMaster-T


There will be two XLE versions, so I'll wait until I have the coins in hand before asking you to choose.



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I haven't checked this board for awhile so I didn't vote, but I agree with the vote. Now, when can we buy one or two????

thank you.




The artwork is at the mint and I'm almost ready to order samples. Once I have them I'll post info on ordering. That'll probably be early September.

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I like the Discover Your World II coin very much! Just ordered some for me and my girlfriend Mia. This coin really does have a great depth perspective and I personally have been at this very scenic spot in Monument Valley about 25 years ago. But also some of the other pictures from the contest would have made great coins, my 2nd choice would be Zion National Park.


I guess the Discover Your World series could become an evergreen... ;)

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