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Discover Your World II geocoin


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Early last year I produced the Discover Your World geocoin featuring a picture of the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff, Alberta. The photo was taken by a professional photographer -- my uncle -- during a family vacation. That coin was well received, and I've always wanted to do another.


But I am not a very good photographer, and I don't get around much anyway, so my portfolio is a little on the thin side. My uncle hasn't gone on any vacations recently either.


So here is what I would like to do...


I'm gonna run a contest to find the perfect scene for the new coin. I'd like you to submit your photos to this thread. I'll keep the contest open for a few weeks to get a good selection and then short-list them based on what will work with the new coin design. Forum readers can vote on the winning photo.


The winner will be awarded a complete set of the new coins.


Contest Details:


  2. Post a reasonably sized copy (~200kb or less) of your photo to this thread.
  3. In your post, give a description of the location and any geocaches that are in the area.
  4. You must possess a hi-res copy of the photo (1600x1200 minimum) to be emailed to me at palehorsedesign@gmail.com
  5. You must be the owner of the photograph.
  6. Please keep the photo consistent with the coin picture below (ie. no winter scenes please)
  7. Please do not submit photos with people in them.



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Here's my first try. I've tried out about 10 photos so far and right now this seems to look the best.


The photo was taken close to the Grottes de Vallorbe in Switzerland (GC1ZTTD) - one of the coolest earth caches I've been to.

To reach that cache, you walk through the woods on a path which borders the river that runs through the Grottes de Vallorbe, and then comes out from the ground about 100 meters from where this bridge is.


As well as the earth cache, the closest nearby caches are 2 puzzle caches (Think one is actually under the bridge, but missed part of the puzzle so couldn't get the coordinates) one multi, and 2 traditional caches. One of the traditional caches is mine which is at the top of Dent de Vaulion (one of the higher points in the Jura at 1482 meters) which overlooks 2 lakes and has panoramic views of the Alps on clear days.




Will look for some better landscape photos to try over the next few days.

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I camped in Big Bend National Park this spring, and one of the neatest rock formations was Boot Canyon:




I don't have CW88's skills, so you'll have to imagine the inlay! I took this photo and have a high-resolution copy, as well as a few other angles. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to a geocoin!


Editing my reply for geocache information:

Big Bend National Park offers several virtual caches with relatively high (>3) difficulty and terrain ratings. This is due to the park's remote location, size, and nearly 6000-ft difference between the park's highest and lowest points. There is a nearby state park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, which offers some "real" caches, and all of the roads leading to Big Bend NP have caches as you enter the park.

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Oxford is an excellent choice for vacation if you like history, old buildings, parks, etc!




This part of Oxford, seen from one of the church towers. Sadly we didn't know of geocaching when we visited... There aren't that many geocaches in Oxford, but you'll find several mysteries and a couple of multis based on Oxford's history, in the center of the city. I'd like to go back!

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Here's another one: This was taken in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland from the church that overlooks the town.


The town is well known for the international hot air balloon festival that takes place each year (I think in January), and is where the Breitling Orbiter balloon took off from to fly all the way round the world (I think it's the yellow capsule on the concrete near the red pole in the photo on the right).


There are some nice traditional caches in the area but haven't had much luck with the one by the church. But the view from there is nice, and is a good place to watch the hot air balloons taking off in the snow.



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So far, I seem to be providing some contrast here... Urban caching is also fun!




These images show Marina Bay in Singapore, with a lot of activities, businesses, restaurants, etc. The building that consists of three pillars and a ship is the Marina Bay Sands hotel - it is exceptional! (More interesting photos in this news story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1289194/Marina-Bay-Sands-resort-opens-Singapore.html) The main buildings on the other side of the water are concert halls.


There are quite a few geocaches in Singapore, for example one by the Ferris Wheel (GC1BXE0) that the woman on the coin is covering... :) But my favourite place to go Geocaching in Singapore is a couple of metro stops away: Sentosa Island (i.e. GC2AK4D). Sentosa is an artificial island called "Asia's favourite playground", and is a paradise for tourists, especially families.

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This one was from Bermuda, on the way to the Royal Naval Dockyards.

I was stuck in the hotel doing work most of the trip and only had one free day before the flight home, so went to explore as much of the island as we could by going geocaching (starting at 6 am by going to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse to watch the sunrise). The majority of the caches there were micro/small traditionals, but we did find a few bigger ones - and was a great way of seeing interesting places in the short time we had.



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OK, we do hiking caches too. Here's a picture from today's trip, doing the multi cache HH07 Daswon City.


The multi is very well constructed, showing the area from the movie "The Call of The Wild" (Jack London book), with art history, rock carvings, etc. The photo is taken at the final location. The location is a very well hidden beauty, with excellent view to the entire trail of the multi, as well as large parts of Oslo! We also did 3 traditional caches along the route.



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Geocaching at Hogwarts...?




No, this is from the yard at New College in Oxford - but many will recognize it as the yard at Hogwarts. This is the tree where Mad Eye Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret!


Unfortunately we didn't know of geocaching when we visited (I was about to write Hogwarts) Oxford, but this mystery starting at New College looks very interesting: Kinkering Congs Their Titles Take. Turns out that the person who lent his name to spoonerism spent most of his life at New College. The topic of the mystery is of course spoonerisms...

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I hope it is ok when I just post the picture.


In the first version of the coin is a beautiful picture of a sea in front of mountains and the color blue is dominating. To have a little contrast I think it would be perfect to use a picture of a forest with a dominating color green:




The picture was taken in the Prehen Wood near Londonderry Ireland doing the cache "An tEarrach (Spring): Prehen Woods" (GC1MBW0). It was an awesome cache in a wonderful mystical wood with thousands of bluebells and we enjoyed it so much.

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Here is another forest picture:




It was taken very early in the morning doing a Lord of the Ring Cache Series in Germany near the Dutch border. The Cache "Herr der Ringe - Legolas (Düsterwald)" (GC17ZJZ) is pretty close. The cache series is one the best cache series I've ever done so far: one cache per character and every cache was hidden at a location which matched perfectly to the character - wonderful!

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Something complete different here:




The picture was taken at a business trip to China on the Great Wall close to the cache "The Great Wall at Mutianyu" (GC1QM9A). Unfortunately I hadn't started geocaching at that time but it was a great experience of course.

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Here are 2 more - I guess they make up my 5 entries. If we are allowed to enter more I do have some others.


These 2 are both from Bermuda again.

One taken a little up the coast from Horseshoe Bay where the sand is pink, on the way to GC2G1FH.

The other one was taken from the Royal Naval Dockyards during a failed search for GC2TRH8, looking back in the direction of Hamilton.



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Although I do not have the software to put the photo in the coin, you all most likely have good imaginations :rolleyes:


These were all taken in Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. One of the many caches in the area is this one: GC151B. We went there on a camping trip last summer, before we had started caching. It is an incredible area that we thoroughly enjoyed for the week that we were there. When I close my eyes at night and think of the happiest place ever it is the rock we swam off of together at the Lake of Two Rivers.







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What fun! Thanks for the cointest. :)


Let's see. I have lots of photos from throughout the years, but as I don't want to deal with scanning a slide to meet your requirements, I'll stick to the digital ones. :)


Entry #1 - Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

I went on a hike here, starting when it was dark to get this photo during the sunrise. Our guide was super knowledgeable and I was really happy he was there, or I would have gotten terribly lost. He had grown up in the reservation in the area and he had a lot of historical information. Once you get off the beaten paths, you rarely see anyone else.

Nearby virtual cache - GCHHXG


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I am one of those inept at placing a picture within a picture even though I’ve watched Paint net’s video a number of times <_<


This is a picture of Little Lake Park (Midland) which houses (at this time) 6 caches, 2 of which are within 150m of the picture (GC2W0D5 & GC2C2F0), a multi (GCvf7Y) and an earth cache (GC24Y4H) and 2 other caches (GC1HJFE & GCZC6Z8)



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And a little further down the road I ran into these guys, I forgot all about the cache and grabbed my camera there were a bunch of them all over the place. Later in the year I returned with a buddy of mine (a muggle) he was blown away as well - Dryads GC1GK2Y



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GAk! how long does this go on? I'd love to send some Australia pics but they are in the computer which is stil in a box somewhere. Will there be a 3rd edition? I'd love to have a tie to this coin...as they first coin is the site of my earthcache:lol:


I haven't set an end date yet, but it will go on until at least July 11th.


I'm still working on the design for the back anyway! ;)

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I'm already going to have trouble picking from the photos sent in to present you with a short list to vote on. But even so, I would like more entries!


If you are having problems posting your photos to this thread, then just email your hi-res photos to me and I'll post them for you. If you have already posted photos here don't forget to email the photo to me as well.

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I have attached some photos from my latest vacation, on a tiny island in the Maldives (Indian Ocean). This is (as far as I know) the only place in the world where there is an Earthcache just for being in the country!! Few of the islands are big enough to hold more than one geocache, which means finding one here is extra special...


It is a truly amazing place and completely different to anywhere I have ever been before. Not many people will have the chance to discover this part of the world, especially as these islands will probably end up underwater someday... which is why I think this location would be perfect on your new geocoin.



By craftycats at 2011-07-13



By craftycats at 2011-07-13



By craftycats at 2011-07-13



By craftycats at 2011-07-13

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What a cool idea for a coin! I love taking pictures when I go caching, so I will share a few.

This photo was taken in Harriman State Park, which is just minutes away from home, and where I first started finding geocaches in 2004. With over 200 miles of trails in the park, the park is full of hiking and ammo cans! There are lots of scenic views and beautiful places, and this is just one of them. Here is a link to a nearby cache Beechy Bottom Road




This is another photo taken in a part of Harriman State Park called Bear Mountain. This is a view of the Bear Mountain Bridge from nearby my cache Perkins Drive




This photo was taken at Chittenango Falls in Cazenovia, NY, just a short drive from where my brother went to college. CNY Falls Cache



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Thank you for the bump! I was trying to remember where this thread went. :)




This was taken at the Pigeon Point lighthouse in California. We stopped here after a long day of caching up the coast with a friend, and this was the northern-most point of our trip.


The cache we found was GCYGEB which is about 10 feet away from where this picture was taken. The fog was rolling in and soon after we saw why it was so important to have a lighthouse, the rock you see in this picture became invisible in the fog in minutes!

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One more for now.


I was lucky enough to get a chance to go into antelope canyon near Page, AZ with my tripod and camera setup. While we were there, the sun passed directly overhead, casting sun shafts into the very thin slot canyon. I was setting up this shot, and some small animal (lizard maybe?) caused the sand to shift and create a small sandfall. I made two crops of this same picture, because I was having fun. :)




full picture:



Nearest geocache is:


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It was very difficult, but with the help of my wife I have been able to narrow the field down to 5 choices. There were so many beautiful pictures that I would like to have included, but I said 5 at the start so I figure I should stick with that. There were also many awesome pics that just couldn't be used because they didn't fit nicely into the cutout available on the coin or didn't have the proper perspective.


I'd like to thank everyone who sent me their pictures. You've made this a lot of fun!


So without further ado, here are the top five pics (in no particular order):


A. Othello Tunnels




B. Zion National Park




C. Monument Valley




D. Harriman Park




E. Chittenango Falls






I'll leave the voting period open for 1 week. That ought to give most interested forum readers time to find this thread again and get their votes recorded. It'll also give me a bit more time to make the final adjustments to the back design.


The rules will be very simple:


  • You get one vote.
  • Post a reply to this thread containing the letter that corresponds to your choice.


Feel free to talk up your favourites!

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