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At what point do you start using the Ignore feature?


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People are confusing caches with cache listings.

It's a common misconception, probably brought about by how Groundspeak chose to word things. If you go to my profile, then to geocaches, you see a header titled "Geocache Information for User: Clan Riffster". Directly under that header, on the left side of the page, you see "Geocaches Found (All Geocache Finds)". Under "All Geocache Finds" you see counts for Traditionals, Multis, Webcams, Events, CITOs, Earthcaches, and even Benchmarks. At the bottom of that section is "Total Caches Found", with a number equal to the sum of the numbers above, minus Benchmark finds.


Folks look at that format and think "Events, (and webcams, and sinkholes, and roadside plaques, and CITos), are Geocaches"

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