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Garmin 62s disappearing geo cache issue and other questions, Help please

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I saw this mentioned in another forum entry, however I will remention here.

I have about 2500 caches loaded to my gps62s . I used GSAK and "send to GPS".


after a couple of days usage, The systems seemed to freeze up while booting. I don't know if leaving it longer would have allowed it to boot up properly, but I took the batteries out. Then, after replacing, I booted up and there were no caches to be found.


I opened the files using explorer, and there was a large .gpx file in the "current folder".


Is this a common problem? Any way of getting multiple pocket query to the gps wihtout gsak? I am on a friends lap top and hate

to download something they may not want. Is there a specific folder on the device where I should place the .gpx file if I use

explorer to put it there vice gsak?


Thanks, any help would be appreciated, I am on a 30 day work/holiday trip and getting desperate.



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