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DaveD---- chief ninja


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I was sending in recovery reports today, and was going to send an email to Deb about BW1564 being destroyed. I happened to look at the datasheet for it first, and see where Dave Doyle (I assume those are his initials on the report) has already marked it as destroyed.


I'm going to start calling him Ninja Dave, cause of how silently and fast he operates. :lol:


I bet he can even throw disks like other ninjas throw stars.

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I bet he can even throw disks like other ninjas throw stars.


He can. If you happen to be walking under his window over at the NOAA building right when he's in a bad mood, you had better watch out. He can hit a pedestrian 120 yards down E-W Highway.(*) Which is really impressive, since their windows don't even open.(**)


(*) - Not actually witnessed.

(**) - True.




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You guys are too kind. This site is a wealth of up-to-date information about many of the marks in the National Spatial Reference System. I do what I can to harvest information (hand-held positions, digital photos etc.) that will be helpful to the various professionals who rely on this marks to support their surveying and mapping efforts. Regrettably identifying marks as destroyed is one of those tasks.

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