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Solved, a puzzle, found a cache, can't remember gc#


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So I solved a couple of puzzle caches a while ago, and as I solved them, I saved the co-ords on my garmin for the next time I would be in that area.

I was using the gc# as the waypoint name.

On one of them, I forgot to do this, and just saved the co-ords under an abbreviated version of the cache name.

I was in the area today, and found the cache, no problem, only, the full name of the cache was not written on the container, or on the logbook, which I was counting on, because I can't remember which cache it was!


Now I'm combing through the pq i just ran of mystery caches, hoping something rings a bell. This could take a while.

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being that I live on an island... the trend it to put the co-ords somewhere in the water. I basically have three coastlines worth of question marks, all squished together to check.

Are you on good terms with the local reviewer... provide the final coordinates to THEM in confidence... ask first, they may be hunting it too! THEY can find it for you... If they are looking for it... try another reviewer a long way away... or Geocaching.com itself.


Since you only want the GC ID and Name. Also a good reason for using the first initials for shortened names... recognizable.


Doug 7rxc

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I don't know the reviewer in my area, we just had a change of hands, and the new one I have not yet dealt with.

I doubt it would be archived, as there was nothing wrong with it. Disabled perhaps, as there is a seal molting nearby.

Where was this cache? Be specific without giving it away. Someone may have some insights if we can see the area.
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"If it helps, the coords you have should be less than 3 km / 2 miles from the bogus header coords."


Where does it say that this is the case?

I often see caches at greater distances than this from the bogus coords and not just old ones

This is from one that was published 4 June 2011


"Note: the posted coordinates are bogus, but the final is within 10km"

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For many caches of this type, the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. The posted coordinates should be no more than 1-2 miles (2-3 km) away from the true cache location. This allows the cache to show up on the appropriate vicinity searches and keeps the mileage of Trackables that pass through the cache reasonably accurate.




IF you can give a good reason to your Reviewer, they might let you have a greater distance...


(And. Always possible to change the 'Bogus' co-ords after publication, but would you want to upset your Reviewer?)

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