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Yeah, e-mail the CO and politely explain the situation and the hide. Ask him if he'd be willing to move the nano a bit over and offer to help choose a spot and coordinates.

If he won't play ball, different strokes. Sounds like both your caches take people to the same basic location, so I doubt the community will suffer too much.

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So are you going to be disappointed when someone finds your cache by approaching from the other side of the creek where they don't have to cross the tree? Looks to me like there are plenty of places to start from on both sides of the creek.


My guess is that the nano is gonna win the stare down. Somehow I suspect that it will only take one or two good rains before a cache hidden in a drain pipe near a creek washes away.


Except that the other side of the river has commercial buildings surrounded by fences with no way to reach the cache, short of trespassing and climbing the fences. The tree is actually the easier, and only legal, way to reach the cache.


And, it's wedged under a drain outlet in some plants, not in it. Should be fine.

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So obviously you do not mind Micros and smalls that much, seeing over 3/4 of your caches are them.


IMO there's a big difference between a nano and a micro, and between a micro and a small. "Lame micro" doesn't usually translate to "all caches should be ammo cans".

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"Lame micro" doesn't usually translate to "all caches should be ammo cans".

For the Riffster Clan, the former never translates to the latter. To my highly biased way of thinking, size has (almost) nothing to do with the LQ, (Lameness Quotient), of a particular cache. Things like location, container quality, hide technique and write up are the 4 things most likely to raise or lower the LQ. But I can see why some folks might equate "micro" to "lame". Locally, the folks who hide caches in boring locations, using inadequate containers, uninspired hide techniques and poorly written cache pages almost exclusively choose micro size containers for their hides. After you've found a hundred micros in a row, and every single one scores high in all suckiness related fields, it's easy for some to lose perspective and start blaming the cache size.

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