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Geocachers are not nice people?


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I'm one of the people that could be described as a jerk by someone that doesn't know me. I was at a cache recently that was on a hillside 6-8 feet above and about 75 feet from a hiking trail. Was searching for 15-20 minutes and someone called up "are you looking for the cache"? I answered "yup" then " I'm the CO, do you want a hint? the coords are a little off" I replied " no thanks" and continued searching, expecting them to move on. After 3-5 minutes it became pretty clear that they planned to stand there and stare at me while I dnf'd their cache, so I aborted the search and retired to my car by a path that did not walk past their position. They looked like a very fresh faced young couple that probably wanted to stand and chat with another geocacher. If I wanted to chat with geocachers I'd go to an event. If I wanted a hint I'd ask for one, and If I wanted to have someone stare at me while I fail to find a cache I'd invite an audience. I cache to get my overweight a** off the couch and into the woods. I'm looking for an experience that is probably different from this young couple. It could even have been the OP. If it was, I apologize. I don't believe this makes me a jerk, just looking for something different out of the game. Your disenchanted cacher most likely had a bad experience. Don't give up. I have had many memorable experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world.


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"He told me in 2 -3 minutes, that most geocachers are jerks - he said he used to be one himself - and way to competitive, with too many jerks who suck the life right out of all the fun."


He is absolutely right and absolutely wrong. When I started caching there were some great veteran cachers who helped me out and remain my friends to this day. There were others who saw more competition for the FTF or the most finds in our area and were jerks quite frankly. I only have only so much time and mental energy to spend on the relationships in my life. I am going to focus it on those cachers whose company I enjoy and who are good citizens of geocaching. I suggest you do the same.

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Holy zombie thread, Batman!


I think that everyone has their opinions about geocachers/geocaching. Some like events, some want them forever bannished from cache types. Some like puzzle/unknown caches, some want to see them burned. Some like a FTF race, others, don't. Some present themselves in person as really nice people, but come here to the forums and sound really mean and overly opinionated. :ph34r:


If the OP actually comes back to check in, I would be interested to hear their take on their own geocaching experience. I can look at the places I've lived since starting to stash hunt, and tell you which places were more welcoming than others, where cachers came across to me as overly competitive, or just outright mean.

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