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Wherigo Newbie. Can Multiple People do at the same time?

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I've never done a Wherigo before, and plan to do one tonight with 3 other people.


I'm confused about the UNLOCK. Does that mean we can do it once, and all log it, or do we have to do it one time for each of us???


Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks.

When you download the cartridge it's downloaded with your account name added.

If you only have one device between the four of you, and the setter asks for your finished file to be sent, best to mention in the logs who was there.


It is possible to copy the file to others, to upload to the site to log, I've done it for others who have used my Oregon. (I think... Or was it done on the unlock code number?)

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There's a third option at the bottom of the unlock page. If the cartridge uses an unlock code, you can type the name of the person who downloaded the cartridge and his/her unlock code. Also, you may be able to share the save file (I haven't tried that, but don't think user name checking in the save file was implemented on the site).

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