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Sharing cache ownership


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Hey Jeremy et al!


Is it possible to share caches? The reason I ask is I get a LOT of help with my events (and soon, a multi-state multicache) and I want my fellow conspirators to get as much credit as I do, that is, a smiley face (without resorting to "finding" a cache they helped to create).


Any plans for this?? icon_smile.gif


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I think you can change the "Placed By" name to include collaborators. When someone views the page, they will see all of the people's names involved. The cache page itself will still have to be listed under a single account. It would be cool if there were a way to share a single cache between multiple accounts, that way everyone who participated in placing it will get all of the associated email and it would show up on their "my cache page".


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Ok, so now that I'm starting to think more and more about placing new caches I relize that I'm collaborating with anywhere from 1-3 other cachers to come up with the best locations, hints, and well everything. I hope that in the near future we will be able to see dual ownership on these... I mean we all do the same amount of work I guess it would just be nice to all get the same e-mails and well just the credit for the work.

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I gues you each get 1/3 of a credit for your "number of caches" placed?


(Just kidding) I actually spent nearly two full days helping a fellow cacher

enhance His Cache because it was great to begin with, and we were able to

improve upon it a bit. I suspect he would be willing to share credit,

especially with the guy who originally helped him place it.

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Yeah, you can put anybody's name as the owner, but it has to be attached to a single account. I've collaborated on several caches and I wish I had a way to get the cache off of my not yet found list.

I can't post a find because I helped hide the cache, but because its under another account, the website considers it to be someone elses's cache.


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I have several caches that are on my NOT FOUND list as well I hate it cause you don't want to log it as a find because you helped place the thing.... heck the last group of caches we placed, we flipped a coin to see who's account the last one would go on....hopefully they will figure something out and this option will be given to us in hte near future.

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...and although there is some space to list other cachers who have helped, there isn't nearly enough room to list the 6 cachers I felt deserved full credit for my latest event. I know: I tried.



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Originally posted by GeoTeam Maggi:

Would it not be possible for the collaborators to create a "dummy" account for the sole purpose of "owning" the cache.? icon_confused.gif Each collaborator could watch the catch and log in to make edits/deletions as needed. icon_biggrin.gif


Yes you could do that, but then it would still show up as unfound when search from their personal accounts. "Dual ownership" could fix that problem as well.


So any plans for this?



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