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Statistics enhancements

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Groundspeak has acquired Mygeocachingprofile.com and is the process of moving the statistics, charts, and maps into the "Stats" tab in our geocaching profiles. Is there anywhere a schedule of when the various bits and pieces will get added? I'm particularly interested in the "Jasmer Challenge" table.


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Do you mean this:


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


New Profile Features - Jasmer Challenge and Excluding Caches from Location-Based Stats


As Groundspeak works on migrating statistics over to geocaching.com, we'll still be releasing some new features here on mygeocachingprofile.com. Some of these will eventually be moved to geocaching.com as well!


Our latest additions include a new profile section showing your progress towards the Jasmer Challenge. The Jasmer Challenge asks cachers to find caches that were placed in each month since geocaching began in May 2000. The new grid will help you visualize your progress on this goal. Also, the General Settings section now lets you specify caches that should not count towards your location-based statistics. So if you logged an armchair cache (like Germany's "Four Windows") you can add it here and it won't skew your distance statistics and maps.


As with all new profile sections, you'll need to 1) upload your "My Finds" pocket query to generate the profile images and 2) re-export your HTML code and re-paste it into your geocaching.com profile if you'd like to show off your stats.


If you have any questions or problems with the new feature - Contact Us!



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Short answer: Yes.


I want to know what enhancements are coming to the statistics tab and when. Of all the possible enhancements (and there are many, particularly if you add in what GSAK and the FindStatGen3 macro can do), the grid of "Finds by Placed Month" is currently of particular interest since I have a challenge cache I'd like to place based on it and I need the table to be available for verification purposes.



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So it does. So what?


It's not what I want and doesn't address the verification requirement I have.


It's also far removed from my initial query, which was "Is there anywhere available a schedule that shows what enhancements are planned for the Statistics tab and when?".



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I would like more customizable milestones. I only have used GSAK not familiar with these other stats. I have done ones on purpose every 100 since cache 1000, well, a lot of them.


I like the state county maps and delorme maps one can do with GSAK.


Yeah, the Jasmer one is needed.


Finds by owner is kinda cool.


Am sure there are others, but those stand out to me.

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