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On your first ever cache hidden.....

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On your first ever cache hidden..... What was your first find log and who found it?


As a brand new CO, how did it feel?


geowyz found Veet Voojagig's Ballpoint Planet


Monday, 24 March 2003 Texas


I know some won't believe this but I really DID want to log this sooner. I hit this after work and hoped mud wouldn't be involved. I'm glad I always carry my trusty boots in the Cachemobile but other than a long jump across a wet ditch, there wasn't much in the way of obstacles. I found the container right away which is a good thing since the Boy Wonder was clueless about the clue. I traded a Holiday Inn Express pen for an Aramco pen and grabbed the FTF parting gift. (I was so hoping the reward was a Snoogans Night Scope but I'll take it anyway.) Admirable first hide!


I was soooo flattered by that last remark. geowyz was a geocaching God around Houston at the time. He had 300+ finds and most of the FTFs at a time when there were only 347 caches in Houston and his caches were of the highest quality and originality. He was a notorious sandbagger too.... Often not claiming FTF until STF had posted.


I hear that he caches the UK now. If he's hiding too, you Brits are lucky.

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I only have on cache. Its a really simple hide on a path with hopes that kids find it with their families. Only 2 people have found it so far:


classic42 (2242 found)


FTF !!! This was such a nice morning for a hike that I took the longer route to the cache. Plenty of muggles and their dogs were on the trails today. Took the FTF prize and left a pin. TFTC.

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Awww.... do I haveta? The first LOG (not a Found IT) is a little bit embarrassing. Thankfully, I knew the cachers slightly already:


Uh, Houston......we have a problem!


Stopped by today to check this one out, as it is so close to work, and ran into Kitch and Mucluck already in progress. Kitch said he "thought that he would see me there", so I have to believe that is why he brought Mucluck with him so I would be distracted and not be the FTF.

Well it worked, because Mucluck was the first to find it!


After laoding in the second set of coords, we ventured off to the location which was 1.21 miles away. Well to make a very long story shorter, we ended up at a soccer field, crawled under a fence, only to learn we had to cross a major 4 lane vehicular obsticle, which led us to a lovely swamp. Now don't get me wrong, the swamp was indeed lovely, but I still couldn't get Mucluck to swim to the other side to check it out. I even offered to watch her clothes til she returned. Go figure?

After some head scrathing, we created our own coords and set off to successfully find the second leg. Yehah eh? Nope!


Third set of coords sent us back to where we were at the soccor field again only to realize we were up that pproverbial creek, and had no idea what a paddle looked like.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon on a ghost hunt with great people!

Thanks DF. I will give you a call on this one!


The first actual find, however, came from a fellow known for his TFTC logs:


Nice meeting you knowschad and I was VERY grumpy by the time I found the 1st stage. Took me forever, I looked right at it many times. The next two stages were beautifully done. I had a great time with each stage. I explained the whole cache and how and what was hid to "She Who Knows All" when I got home. She does not understand fun, because she could not believe anyone would go through the EFFORT you did on this cache. Very well done; definitely one of my favorites.


Thank You

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March 16, 2002 by JKromberg (7 found)


Found it! Two for Two for the day. Took hot-wheel car, post card. Left 1 arrowhead and 2 polished rocks. Learned on this one to double check the entry of the target into the GPS.


It sat there for 7 whole weeks before being found by this guy that drove over 180 miles to be the first to find. Only ever found 7 caches.


I ran out and made a "Maintenance Visit" (before they existed) - and then emailed the guy to find out why he came to it.


March 18, 2002 by StarBrand (1118 found)


Maintenance Visit - Been here almost 7 weeks before a find!!! Everything in good shape. Be careful on the access road, winter has not been kind to it but most all vehiles should be ok. By summer road crews should improve things a bit.




I was so thrilled that somebody bothered to come looking!!

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February 8 by JaseDean (62 found)


Great hide!!! This is our first "firsy to find" and we found it with our buddies Team Locke!


This was from my first hide. I really enjoyed that might first of something also enabled their first of something. Fun times.

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September 21, 2010 by Licwid (748 found)


FTF!!! at about 2:37pm. I came across this cache looking for unfound caches. So I thought I'd give it a go. It only took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to solve it and another 5 to have 2 possible answers. A few minutes later with the help of google maps I had my most likely choice. I definately came in the longer and more difficult way. I should have taken a better look for parking. Got to GZ and then took about 15 minutes to find. Cache is well hidden. Thank you so much for the very generous FTF prize. Found a golf ball on the way in to the cache and was able to leave it in the cache. TFTH and the wonderful puzzle to solve.


This is on my only cache thus far and still only has 7 finds total. Took 3 days to get a FTF. I was happy it was found and surprised as this was not who I was expecting to get the FTF.

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September 4, 2004 by Tiffany's Slaves (543 found)




Tiffany's Slaves were First-To-Find in the wilds of the Charlottenburg Resevoir.


The trail is good and the view is splendid (see photo). Finding the right place to park was a little tricky but we used logic and it worked.


Bette has met Tiffany and Tiffany is not sure that she likes her (see photo). After all, Tiffany is the ruler of the universe, not some big-eyed bird. We will send Bette on her way soon.


The crown jewels, however, were beautiful (see photo), and we left them for the next cacher. By the way, it's probably about 2.5 miles round trip, mixed uphill and down, and probably about a 2.5 for both difficulty and terrain. Thanks for taking us someplace new.


It felt nice that he enjoyed it!

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June 3, 2010 by jimnsusie (2794 found)


Yay, FTF! Nice quiet hike this morning and not a soul in sight. Coords were off about 56 ft for me. Almost had to dnf but alas just had to look a little longer. Thanks for the new cache.


This was our introduction to actually trying to get good coordinates from multiple readings. We were trying to figure out our GPS after a total of five finds at that point.


We have learned a bit since, lol.

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Was working on the internet when this cache popped up. Quickly out the door and to the site, the vision of Geowife doing the FTF dance was worth the trip.

Swapped Geocoins and retrieved the FTF prize.




My first cache was placed and released on 01/01/08. It took the FTF about half an hour after it was realeased to post his online log. I was pretty proud of it (still am) as far as first hides go, I think it is pretty good. (GC189W0)

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11/15/2008 by Alien Bounty Hunter

Interesting night- I took the low road which was closed due to being submerged in a couple of places. The water was only half a foot deep at the first crossing and maybe 18 inches at the next. I wouldn't recommend if you don't have a 4X4. (Take the high road instead) When I got to the boat ramp it looked like I was beat for the FTF since there was already a truck there with a couple of people searching with flashlights. It turns out that a young boy drowned there earlier in the day and they were looking for the body. It took the fun out of the night caching thats for sure. I took the beach ball coin and was going to leave a pathtag but forgot since I was unable to think of anything other than the tragic event which just occurred. I was feeling guilty for even continuing my cache search after I heard the news. I pray the family will be comforted and make it through this tough time.

We knew this tragedy had occurred somewhere in the area earlier that day, but didn't think to retract the cache listing as we didn't know what to expect in the review process, and it was published that night. Not what we were hoping for in a first log, but our selfishness and disappointment quickly disappeared in thoughts for the family. Otherwise, this cache has been a fairly good one:


12/26/2010 by james.bednar

Found cache. Been living in the general area for roughly 20 years and had NEVER been down this road to explore the area. Finally had a chance to drive down here and see what is here. Lo and behold - a great camping area!! Always thought that this area was some type of a stockyard - just never had an interest to go exploring down here. Definately will be back in the spring/summer to do some camping. Quick find of cache. Cache in good condition. Dropped off a few U.S. Army unit crests. TN/SL.

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March 29, 2009 by peanutbutterbreadandjam (2197 found)


FTF at 10:15am. Thanks for the regular-sized cache. Had no trade items with me but was tempted to go buy something quick to trade for the cell-phone, but figured someone's pet deserves it more.


[This entry was edited by peanutbutterbreadandjam on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 2:37:29 PM.]


That is cool, because, localy, peanutbutterbreadandjam is widely recognised as the hidder of the highest quality caches.

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Found it August 11, 2009 by DougLisa (1067 found)


FTF.... To my suprise, after coming home from work today, this cache wasnt found yet. So, off we went. Once we got near parking, there were muggles standing on the road, so we headed off to grab another hoping they were gone once we got back. Really enjoyed this cache. Nice view of the train tressel. Coords are right on. Found it within a minute or two. SL TFTC..

It felt good to get feedback on good coordinates and an enjoyable location.

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My first hide was Rugrats Surprize, which we hid in honor of all the help our rugrats have given us on the cache trail. As the logs rolled in, they created a sense of euphoria that still, to this day, has not faded. Of all the activities involved in this hobby, hiding caches is at the top of my list. This cache is dang near a P&G, with only a few hundred feet of hiking to get to ground zero, though the camo seems to be a bit tricky, in that I've had folks tell me they were standing on the cache and didn't know it. My caching tastes have evolved over time, and I no longer hide anything even remotely resembling a P&G, and with this in mind, I started archiving my simpler hides. I was told, by my smarter half, that she would beat me senseless with rotting lemming corpses if I archive this one, or our second hide, which is very similar to this one. :lol:


The FTF log:

February 12, 2005 by Treasure Trolls (5241 found)


FTF!! This was a very good first hide. Took some searching to come up with it. Since we only live about 2 miles away we decided we had to try it before a day of out of town caching. Took the FTF dollar and left the Cache Gator tb. Thanks for the fun hunt!!!!

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It was found by the legendary Stayfloopy (who recently changed his caching name to Morton Fox after moving to another state)


#153 I read the newspaper article in the cache. My deepest condolences to family and friends of Mr Erwin. We will never forget 9/11/2001. This is a great park. Pretty popular too, judging by the number of people on the trails today. And it looks like now is the right time to do this hike as the weather is cool and the fall colors are coming in. The dam looks pretty nice too both from the water level and from the overlook. I followed instructions on the way in and bushwhacked eastwards from the trail. From there, it was pretty simple and I spotted the large (2 gallon?) cache before even zeroing in on the coordinates. (GPS still said I was 35 ft or so away from the waypoint.) Nice hiding spot. It would've been my first choice in that area. Took the cassette. Left a whistle, a car, and some Where's George (http://www.wheresgeorge.com) dollar bills. From the cache, I bushwhacked around the rocks and then climbed back up to the overlook. It isn't really that steep if you take the path between the two major boulder groups. Wouldn't recommend it for beginners though. Thanks.


His reference was to a laminated obituary kept in the cache of a family friend who died in the 9/11 attacks. The cache was placed in his memory just a few weeks after the event.

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The first "find" log on my cache was a one-liner... Unimpressive considering that the cache is 25 feet up in a tree in the middle of a often-busy, urban park. On the other hand, the cache page had about 3-4 notes from other cachers mentioning that they saw the cache, but couldn't get to it. B)

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My first cache is at the National Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain in Kansas City


The first log was

Found it September 13, 2003 by brettd (202 found)


I went out in the rain in the morning. As one of the many achievers of this goal, I felt the urge to find it on the first day. It was tough to keep it dry while I signed the booklet, but I managed to hold the umbrella, the cache, the booklet and the pen all at the same time :) Thanks for bringing me back here!

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July 20, 2006 by notchcat2


WAHOOO!!! The joy in this was not only claiming FTF (yippee), or grabbing the cool gift certificate (thanks, by the way!)... but the fact that this cache has now officially been staked as the best cache EVER - as far as this team is concerned. WOW - is really all we can say. What a way to end a stressful day! We saw the "4x4" wording and knew we had to jump in the Jeep and race down as fast as could (90 miles roundtrip for us!). The ride was beautiful and the view at the top was absolutely breathtaking - we're all speechless. The last .25 mile was a blast - but we definely recommend a 4x4 or your own feet. I know my VW would never make that!


Just an fyi... there are 2 y's before the T - at both we went right. Also, the cache is approx 13.4 miles from 410. Lots and lots of fun switchbacks once you get to the gravel.


Also, we plan on visiting this spot for the upcoming meteor shower. Let us know (anyone) if you'd be interested in joining us! The best viewing will be August 11th. Won't that be cool!?!?!?!


To say I was thrilled with this log would be an understatement. What a great feeling to get a log like this from the FTF on your first hide!


The cache is no longer a drive to, even with a 4X4, as the White river flooded in the winter of 2006/2007 and washed out much of the road in, including the bridge across the river. It is now a hike of 6 or 8 miles.

I have been told the road will be repaired, but the Forest Service people didn't know when.


Edited to add the name and cache number.

Once upon a mountain top GCX5NT

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Log from the FTF, but second to log:


(FROM Viajero Perdido)


FTF Sorry, CBMocha!


A very nice puzzle cache, scenic, and a healthy walk on a frosty morning. I came in from the highway (slightly shorter), and saw several white-tailed deer on both the way in and the way out, in spite of all the noise I was making to spook the bears.


Took the TB, but otherwise traded nothing because I foolishly left my swag bag back in Canmore. Thanks for the very enjoyable cache! - VP


Log from the STF but first to log:


(FROM CBMocha)


Missed first to find by a few hours! It's quite an amazing spot and a great place to mountain bike.


The dog was along for a hike today and had a different idea as to what 'Cat Toy' meant. I think she still liked the walk though.


Needless to say I was flying high after getting those logs. I was really nervous about how my first cache would be received.

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Good god, has it really been almost five years since I hid my first cache?

From Unnatural Pile of Rocks:


July 27, 2006 by jlondon1963 (4568 found)


Out with skittlesloverr31 and a newbie might consider raising the terrain difficulty to a 3. Great location and hiding spot loved the challenge of crawling around on the rocks for this one. TNLNSL TFTC Not the FTF that award goes to fellow geocachers hockeyplayer5 who bumped into us while we were searching. High Five and big Kudos to you guys !!



I watched that cache like a hawk, did a dance when it was found, and kept going back there to check on it. Only ever had to replace the container once for vandalism and once because the rubbermaid cracked. It's still going strong!

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Yes I can remember the log from my first cache. A 4 x 4 multi and guess what I hid this jewel before I even found one.


:) October 27, 2001 by Dan_Edwards (194 found)



Just let me say that this is a TRUE level 4. Bring lots of water, and be ready for a climb. There is a corner on the trail where it is easy to take something that looks like a trail heading in the right direction, but peters out slowly. Slow enough that before my friend and I were almost going straight up the hill. On the way down we found where we made our mistake.


The views up near the cache were worth every drop of sweat and sore muscle. Got some nice pictures and I will post them as soon as I have them developed.


Also just as we were walking onto the trail we spotted someone with a GPS walking out. When we got to the cache we saw a log entry from a couple of hours earlier. This was somebody's first cache! Wow that takes guts going after a level 4 as your first, but then it might be someone used to the outdoors. It sounded like he did a similar trail thing that we did, so watch that bend with the false trails.


The bags on the cache have developed a hole, so if the next person visiting could bring along like a 1 gallon ziplock to cover the cache that would be nice. The cache is in pretty good shape, but will need a new bag someday soon.


It is a pretty cool feeling to say I have done a real level 4, I doubt that anyone will ever dispute that number! Thanks a for a great climb, and a great cache, I am going to go take a warm bath





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July 24, 2010 by jmonti (1636 found)


#1017 - 07:12 - FTF Woo Hoo! - Saw this one was published and was pleasantly surprised on several fronts. I know about these trails, but assumed that you had to access them from the Chadwick Lake park which has limited hours. Never thought to even check if you could park down by the rec department! Can't tell you how many times I said to others I'd love to put a cache there, but the access is so limited I can't. Turns out the access isn't nearly as limited as I thought. Thanks for bringing me here, I'll be back with maybe a cache or 2 in my bag sometime soon.


So I saw this published last night, and said to myself, if I wake up early I'll go make an FTF attempt. Sure enough I woke up fairly early so out the door I went even before breakfast. Parked right near the trail head and took the short walk to GZ. Found the nicely hidden cache quickly and was happy to see I was FTF!


Took the very nice FTF geocoin prize (thanks!). TFTC!


A local lake with a 3.7 mile walking path around it. I placed the first cache there, and in less than a year there are 17 caches on the loop, with room for 3 or 4 more :)

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The first log on my first cache wasn't a Found It log, but a Needs Maintenance log! :unsure:

icon_needsmaint.gifDecember 5, 2006 by LandRocket


Found waypoint #1 without any difficulty and moved on to waypoint #2, which was a clever hide!


Although I managed to find without too much trouble, the container was open and empty, and **no way point** for the final. I searched a 40’ radius without finding the paper likely containing the coordinates for the final.


This is only a guess, but it’s likely that a woodland critter was the Geomuggle and likely used the waypoint paper for nesting material! .



(aka) RonRC46

Still not sure why the container was open, it has never had a problem like that since, but it turns out the coordinates were, in fact, inside the container still. In an effort to make the stage waterproof, I had written the coords on a clear piece of plastic, which sprung out against the inside of the container, making it hard to see.


My one regret about this is that LandRocket never came back to do the cache, and he passed away a couple years back.


The first actual find log was:

icon_smile.gifDecember 10, 2006 by Ravengal


I cannot believe I got FTF on this one. LandRocket's bad luck turns into my good fortune. A very fun multicache (good job, TooTall) to a place I once frequented when I lived within walking distance. My cat even used to join me on these strolls to Jackman Ridge. Anyway, took a firetruck and left a small dog and a squishy frog. All coordinates were good and that second micro was unique. And thanks for the greetings on my car (I guess geocaching stickers and my plate just give me away

I was extremely pleased with the praise for the cache since Ravengal hides some of my absolute favorite caches. Oh, the cache is where I work. I saw her car in the parking lot and left a note on her car, she mentions that in her log.
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My first log read:

#79 [21:40] Woo!, FTF

Was a good feeling to scramble after getting an email. Didn't take long to find once I arrived.

Looks like I'll have a Shorti for lunch tomorrow (I didn't feel like making sandwiches anyways). (Happy Hoagiefest!)


It was found by Ahotw.


The real coincidence is that later in the summer, I was FTF on HIS first hide.



Drove down to look for this one thinking it would be easy. I know the park pretty well as I work next door (I've often wished there was a cache in there and thought about placing one but never did).


Boy was I wrong! The puzzle for the first stage got me right off the bat as I didn't do well in tree identification class. I had dropped an email to the CO earlier letting him know I was looking and that cleverly figured something special in the clues). Next thing I knew, Ahotw was walking up to greet me. He was interested in seeing just how well others could find the clues and stages, so that he could make adjustments or add clues if need be. Little did he know what a clueless cacher I am. A more experienced cacher might have found the stages a lot faster than I. It took about 2 hours all in to find all the stages and the final. It was a really really hot day too, 97 degrees I think, so there were few muggles about. Too hot for tennis or b-ball. This would be even harder if there was an event going on in the park (one was just starting up as I found stage 1 and moved on to a more remote area).


All of the stages are well hidden, well thought out and camouflaged. I see this is the CO's first hide. He can be proud of making a quite challenging hide. The clues and stages took me all over the park, to spots I'd never seen before in many trips to the park before.


I left a Phillies dog tag bottle opener as swag for the next finder and I took the "May you always find your way" geotag. I will place that in a cache that I have out in the woods but not yet published.


Thanks for the hide. Thanks, Ahotw, for coming out and giving me some moral support (though no matter how sad I looked at him he wouldn't point to the right spot and made me find it on my own--though I would have felt guilty if he had).


I've met him a few times since at gatherings.

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The first log was just a note stating that the puzzle had been solved (from a forum regular).


December 7, 2009 by kunarion (281 found)


Thanks! I solved the riddle, and got it verified -- except that my retrieval plan may be deficient. The cache sounds very cool. I don’t know what to expect, but I’d be interested in seeing the hide. Maybe someday I can make it to Texas to check it out.


First find was from a pair of cachers who hunted it together (and couldn't have logged it otherwise).


The first one of them to actually log posted this:


December 11, 2009 by djbtex (3118 found)


** Co-FTF with JackRock** 8:49am


We decided to team up for this one - both being concerned with the private property thing - we knew what the clue meant and came prepared. Well it took both of us to get this one logged - not because we needed more brain power but because JackRock had one item we needed to retrieve it and I had the other - perhaps we got lucky in having just the right items but I just say we're pretty clever. I'm sure this could be done in a couple of different ways but we figured out what we needed to do to get the job done. Great hide and I'd be interested to hear from others about how they retrieve this one.




December 11, 2009 by jackrock (3817 found)


FTF with djbtex


Can't believe this one was still up for the FTF. djbtex and I had agreed to join up for this one. I headed to Nac and figured it was a good omen when I watched a Bald Eagle soaring low over the Winston Ranch. Stopped off for a breakfast snack in Nac and the jalapeno "kolaches" were fresh out of the oven. That must have been another good omen. I picked up djbtex and we headed to the cache. Figured out immediately where it must surely be. I had brought a tool with me but as it turned out, this was a true joint effort as djbtex provided the other half of what we needed. As said below, this could be done in more than one way. We figured a quick and easy way to retrieve the cache with what we had brought with us. All I can say is well done; nice cache. Don't call for hints, I'm going to respect the owners desire for this one to be figured out. Would like to have taken a photo but it would have been a give-a-way so I refrained. TFTC


I meant to mention that, while not in a wheelchair myself, I think anyone in a wheelchair should be able to retrieve the cache the way that we did today.


The cache had been published on the 3rd, so it indeed take a surprisingly long time for someone to log it. I was pretty happy with how well the cache was received from two of the most prolific cachers in the area who, IMO, have some of the best hides. What was funny about this is that djbtex already knew my wife through work and wasn't aware that the cache was ours when she found it. The cache is in the front yard, and it dawned on her when she came by the house one day that she had hunted a cache there.

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My only cache had a joint FTF, Amandazon and kc12345

June 12, 2008 by Amandazon (3193 found)


Shared FTF with kc - our second of the morning - we love this spot- the view is arresting! Thanks for bringing us here!!!! TFTH, TNLN




June 12, 2008 by kc12345 (2813 found)


Shared FTF with Amandazon! I've always loved these awesome lookouts - great to see a cache here! TNLN TFTF

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This was mine, he was actually STF. FTF got logged WAY later


**STF** at 9pm!!

I saw this go up while not too far away at work but didn't have time to go for it. Get home and check it--still no FTF logs! Talk wifey into coming and neighbor into watching the kiddos and take off from deep south Austin. Went the wrong way at first but looped back around. Barely needed flashlight even with the clouds--musta been a full moon. Get there... Finally figure the spot. Holding onto what looks like poison sumak, literally dozens of tree roaches climbing over my hands and legs, lightning flashing over the practically flooding river... Can't find it. About to give up when I spot it! Twist myself trying not to lose my slippery footing and remove log. Unroll and... Whawhaaa!? Someone has already claimed FTF! 4 hrs ago too! D'oh! Still had fun getting out of the house and running thru the rain. Such a cool location and a clever hide! I have rarely been to this part of the lake so it was cool to check out! SL TFTC!!!!


I was sort of disappointed he had such a lousy time...

I had a good e-mail conversation with him, among other things assuring him the plants weren't poisonous. That said, the cache is not a night cache... I guess FTFers will do what they have to do. :D

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I've always thought of two caches as my first hides. The first one, Pinball, was placed on June 9, 2002. It was my husband's hide, but I was with him when he placed it. It is on an island in the Wenatchee River, that you can only get to by boat, or swimming/wading when the river is at a low level.


The second one, Icebox, was placed a month later, July 3, 2002. It was my hide, but my husband and kids (5 and 8 at the time, now they're 14 and 17) were there when I placed it. It is a multi on a four mile loop trail.


I don't really remember how we felt about the first logs, although I remember being on pins and needles until someone found them. We didn't have to wait long on either, even though they were both remote and this was in 2002. The cachers around at the time were outdoorsy and there were very few caches to go to. Both caches were found within a few days of being placed.


The first three finders on Pinball were by two of our close friends, and a relative.






Interestingly, Icebox still has the original container from 2002.


Well we get to claim the honors of being the first to find it!! Found the first cache after two tries. We walked all around that first one before we finaly found it, but we did. Then we were off to find the second one. And then Becky used her newly aquired GPS abilities to home-in on and spot the third and much anticipated cache of goodies. Great spot, and a good feeling of team accomplishment when found.


Took: Bottle of bubble bath.

Plastic squeeze pig.



Left: Minimouse notepad.

Ballerina Eraser.

Mr. Potatohead game.


Thanks for the great cache. Other than it being a bit too warm, it was a fun day.




Richard/Becky/Joe/Geneva (Butterfly Lady)/Randi.

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Working at home on my garden when this cache is published. Hmmm do I change out of my dirty smelly clothes or do I go for the FTF 4.5 miles from home. Of course I go for it with "little A" . The sad part the "auto" guide took me about 15 minutes longer then it should have. Made the approach to the tree when like the batmobile I see the pride and joy of New Jersey. How do they get from NJ that fast!!!!!!! WOW!!! I couldn't think of a nicer couple to share an FTF with.
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icon_smile.gif October 18, 2005 by MorningWhisper (692 found)


Yes! FTF icon_smile_big.gif I am sooooooo glad to see a new cache up here! Thank you very much for the hide. Took a new way up the mountain and almost lost a kid in the process, but managed to make it to the top with both of them in tow. Had to wait for Little Whisper to catch up, then proceeded to the cache. Great hide and wonderfully stocked cache! The kids had a field day trying to decide what they wanted to take. Settled on the erasers for school, and the Yellowstone keychain (Mom took the TB - thanks thrak!) Left: A Hello Kitty ring and Police car hotwheel (sorry about the little toys, but there is truly no room to leave anything larger....) TFTC!


PS: The coordinates were right on!




This was the first log for the first cache I placed. I found my first cache on August 8, 2005 and at that time the "conventional wisdom" on the boards was to find at least 100 caches before placing one. I took it to heart and after caching for 2 months I had found more than 100 geocaches. I hauled this ammo can up a steep hill to a place I thought would be perfect - only to find that it wouldn't fit where I had planned to put it. I continued wandering all over the hillside and eventually wound up at the top where there was a trail. D'Oh! I could have simply taken the trail that I knew was up along the top of the hill. As it was, I ended up placing the cache maybe 25 feet off the trail. Ah, well. It was a good hike and the cache is still in place. The TB referred to in the log was an unactivated travel bug dog tag I had left for the FTF.


I especially liked the log above as I'm pretty sure I'm the first one who ever referred to the finder's daughter as "Little Whisper" in a log I posted for a cache where I had met them one day.


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I'm placing 2 since they were kind of co-finders

Yrium always left good and a lot of the time funny logs.


August 4, 2001 by yrium (169 found)


Gromit!….(pause)…. Gromit!…(another pause, then he looks up and meets my eye)….”I

need a topic sentence for my cache log for Vagabond’s cache called The Buzzing

might be Rattle Snakes”….(blank stare) Come on Gromit, Give me a hand (goes back

to licking his paw) Okay, I’m on my own. Gromit is not serving as my muse today.

I’ll have to come up with my own topic sentence. The easy one of course is MEETING

MARK71MARK. But he already covered that in his log. I could go with IF A MAN GETS

STUNG BY BEES IN A FOREST… DOES HE MAKE A NOISE? Woops, He covered that in his log

too, and it wasn’t exactly a forest so that’s out. Hmmmmmm, What to say, What to


Nope that’s too melodramatic. I know! I could use JUMP THE FENCE AND SLIDE TO YOUR

DEATH. Naaah, That’s too discouraging for the new cachers reading this log. Or I

could do a take off on the movie THREE WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and call it THREE

FORDINGS AND A DEAD HONDA… Uh probably not, too vague…. I’m stumped….. Okay I’ll

do a Seinfeld type log entry. I was checking the new cache list last night when I

saw Vagabond had just placed a cache. Gromit and I set out early to find Vagabond’s

new cache and Yada Yada Yada. We found that we were not the first ones there NOT

THAT THERES ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Meeting Mark71Mark on the trail was

definitely a FESTIVUS moment. Played a game of cold, colder, warmer, warmer,

colder, (hint: big bush) Found the cache! We took the distinctive Tweety bird

scrunchee and left some glow in the dark snakes. Thanks Vagabond for a cache this

infirm cacher could handle. --- yrium ---


View Log


Found it August 4, 2001 by mark71mark (551 found)


I parked south of the cache and had a little fence to climb. Fortunately, it was

fairly early and none of the nearby homeowners noticed. After a somewhat steep

slope downhill, I arrived at a main trail and followed it straight to the cache.

As I was poking around near the cache, I must have disturbed 1/2 dozen bees because

they came after me with a vengence. Was stung about 3 or 4 times while running

back down, but I'll live. While gaining my courage to go back up, I noticed

someone walking a dog on the trail below staring in my direction. Although I have

never personally met Yrium, I recognized him instantly, as he did me. We talked a

little bit and since I knew exactly where the cache was, but hadn't pulled it out,

I let him search for it so he could still enjoy the final portion of the hunt. We

signed the log and exchanged our goodies. I took a Hot Wheels car, and left a

plastic lion from one of the Calaveras caches and the usual Coronado Bridge Pass.

A great hunt, but for me, the best part was actually meeting Yrium.

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The first to log on line, was also their first and only find!


"July 8, 2002 by cjv (1 found)


We were visiting Pine Grove and four-wheeling to some old ghost towns with friends from Calif when one found the bucket while exploring. We took the Hypno-Twister and wine cork, left 4 First State Quarters, several new hair berets and an American Flag (since it was the 4th of July weekend) and left the bucket in it's exact spot. It was fun!!! Hope someone else finds it again soon. The area is one of our favorites. Hope more enjoy it, too."


The First log may not have been the FTF as there have been a bunch of finders who did not log online. The original log book was lost when the container went missing and had to be replaced. The cache is still going strong. :D

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