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Was this a Geocaching event?

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A pair of hikers who disappeared during an extreme outdoor competition near Antelope in Eastern Oregon were found safe after a major search effort.


The Bulletin in Bend reports that 23-year-old Ryan Johnstone of Portland and 32-year-old Luis Trybom of Milwaukie, were participating in a GPS geocaching event near Antelope on Saturday.


When the pair failed to check in at the event's required check-in time and could not be found, camp staff notified the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office the hikers were missing.


The pair were found Sunday near the John Day River by an aircraft assisting in the search and rescue efforts. The two hikers were not injured, and were escorted back to the Washington Family Camp by officials.

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I was fortunate to be a part of Groundspeak's team at the Wild Canyon Games - Team L'Attitude. :)


We were very concerned when they announced that the two guys had not returned from the morning geocaching event at dinner - then were of course thrilled when the guys were located unharmed the next day.


It was a really fun event and they have an amazing grid of geocaches located on the property for events like the Wild Canyon Games. While we didn't win, our team had a blast at the event! We were extremely well organized for the geocaching portion (thanks to Moun10bike). ;)



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In answer to Delta-S's question whether this was a Geocaching event: no, it wasn't an event listed on geocaching.com, but rather a competition element within the Wild Canyon Games mentioned above. We are hoping to hold an actual event cache out there at some time in the future, but nothing is set along those lines, to my knowledge.


I'm part of the Wild Canyon Games "Geocache Masters" team, and have placed and verified a number of the "geocaches" out there. I was out searching for the two lost competitors and was glassing for them on top of the tallest mountain on the property when the call came over the radio that they had been located.


Founding Member of SWAG - Santiam-Willamette Area Geocachers | Pablo Mac on Facebook | Pablo Mac on Twitter | Pablo Mac's Geocaching Videos

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Wild Canyon Games takes place on property that is not readily available to the public. I am also a part of the "Geocache Masters" team, and I am currently designing a system to help decrease the time it takes to locate people in the field.


As an added note, we are currently working with the Wild Canyon Organizers to have a Geocaching event in September. It would be listed as an event on Geocaching.com. Currently, we are working on specifics now, so we will keep Geocachers up to date on our plan, and make it a fantabulous event to attend.

Seriously, the place is amazing!




(edit: I just read Pablo's post, and it looks like I restated some of his info. The more the merrier)

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