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Forum "mark as read" ?

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Seems the forum (ubbx) doesn't always know which threads I've seen and which I haven't. It makes it very hard to notice the new/updated threads.


Sometimes it does mark that as read and sometimes it shows the left most icon as yellow, even though I've been to the forum and even clicked on the top most topic. Going back later will many times have that topic as well as ones not updated since I last visited, highlighted as updated.


Is there a way in this forums software to say "Mark all as read in this forum"? Or maybe there's a better way of using this forum then I have been?



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From what I understand, the new post icons reset an hour after you visit the forums. They don't actually track which posts you've read and haven't read.


Infopop has a "mark all read" feature on their wish list so we might see it in an upcoming release.


frog.gif Elias

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Thanks for responding, but I don't think it's working as you described. For example, this morning I went back into the forums, and I'm seeing posts from 3pm on as "new or updated" with the yellow image though I was int he forums multiple times between 3pm and 11pm yesterday.


Do I need to logout and log back in every time? I just stay logged in.


Any suggestions?


Edit: I noticed some forums are showing only posts from about 9:30pm yesterday on as "new or updated", but I'm positive I was in some forums and read and possibly responded to posts after that time, and the updated flag still shows from about 3pm on.


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