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Selling entire collection

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I am looking for some advice.


I collected geocoins from about 2005-2008. Then, I started staying home with my kids, and just didn't have the time anymore.

I would estimate having 200 or so. Looks like a little over 100 activated but in my hands. Honestly I haven't sat and counted them all out but it is a nice big pile.


I have found myself in a situation where I need to sell them. I guess this is the advice I am looking for. Do people like to buy whole collections in bulk? Obviously these could mail in bulk good because they could fit into a flat rate box. Or do people prefer to have them broken up all individually?


Do people buy activated ones that would be available for adoption?


I also have a large number of non-trackable ones? Do people collect these? They are coins, just untrackable on geocaching. I also have a bunch of pins, and stuff from Oakcoins.



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Some people would buy the entire collection but most of us don't have the money for that big of an investment. However, it is more work for you to sell them individually BUT you may make more in total selling them that way.


Most people feel that activated coins are not worth as much as unactivated and they frequently don't get as high a bid. For me personally if I really, really want the coin I will go for the activated otherwise I pass. But I do like those early unactivated coins that I missed getting way back when.


I guess it's food for thought. People have done well here listing the coins they have for sale with a price. Some will buy several and that cuts down your work. In the end it might boil down to work to send them out individually vs amount of incoming money

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This is just my opinion...

I think you'd do well listing and selling them individually here.

You'd most likely get more selling them individually rather than bulk.

It seems your collection is older and probably more desirable coins.

You could do a few "blocks" with different prices-- as some coins will

fetch a better price than others.

I believe you are only able to sell the trackable (activated or not) in these threads.

Someone who knows more info is sure to read this and offer suggestions as to where you can sell the ones that are not trackable and the other goodies.

Then, if you have time and patience, there's that e-site!!!


I'd love to know what you've got for sale!!!

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Agree that you would make more money and likely have more takers if you sell them individually or in small groups rather than one big lump. Would be interested to see which coins you have, both activated and unactivated. Do you have a list somewhere? Some people find activated coins less appealing, but I don't and would certainly buy activated ones if they are coins that I want. :D

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Another option would be selling it as grab bags. Break the collection down into sets of 3 to 5 coins. This works better with the unactivated coins but can be done with the activated ones as well. Decide how many you want per grab bag and decide how much you would like to get for the entire collection. Then you'll know how much you can sell each grab bag for. Let people know it will be a random selection of coins, some of which could be activate. In which case you would adopt them over to the new owner.

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How about putting them in caches? Then you can enjoy watching them travel the world.


Looks like she probably needs the money for something!


Grab bags are a great idea. Perhaps posting a list initially to see if there are any takers for individual coins then offering the rest as grab bags. People will buy activated coins, sometimes at a reduced price, unless it's a hard to find coin. New coin buyers usually will buy them as well (my self included.. if I like a coin and I can find it activated right now I'll buy it)

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but with the big lump, the buyer gets all or nothing...money is made on the less wanted coins too.



What does ILYK mean? Just curious! I see it alot in the forums.


I guess i post a lot...it's a message to my wife


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