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Congratulations DrSolly!

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:D, :):lol:B), Not Out!

Alan 'drsolly' Solomon hit his 20,000th find/attend yesterday! He started caching less than five years ago and alongside his understanding wife Susan (ladysolly) has cached across the country, often by electric bike, in search of adventure. Between claming to be hunting for slugs, looking for god and helping push police cars out of ditches he's found an amazing number of boxes but is always keen to point out, "It's not about the numbers." If it were, he'd not have solved so many puzzles and done so many long multis.


I hope you'll join me in giving the sollys a hearty Well Done :D

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Wow, 20000 finds is awesome. You find more in the average year than I've found in my caching lifetime...


Now if you could just remember to write "team tisri" on the log sheets as well, and drop me an email listing all the caches I've found, that would do my stats a power of good!

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Solly slithered to the top

He reached up high for the golden cache

His slimy trail no one could stop

And he slid away with an itchy rash.


Did that rash slow down his quest

Or stop him in his stead?

Did it show right through his vest

Or render him to bed?


Not a chance, our UK lead, fought that Superbug

He bravely carried on his count

Of the humble caching slug.


Well done indeed. Worth all the pains, scrapes, stings, accidents, punctures, bumps, bashes, bruises? Course it was. ;)

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