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Top 100 Favorited US Caches

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I've done the following and have to admit that while I love the historical caches, most of them were VERY underwhelming. The top physical cache for me is tied between Terryall and The Spot and perhaps The Fort Williams Cache. The sweetest virtual is a tossup between a Capitol View and the St. Louis Arch.


And to p*ss some of you off? THE MOST UNDERWHELMING caches on my list were Mingo and Watts Mill.


4 459 Mingo GC30 5/11/2000 Kansas Traditional Cache

10 288 The view of an "Honest Man" GCEB2 7/1/2001 District of Columbia Virtual Cache

12 252 Beverly GC28 5/13/2000 Illinois Traditional Cache

21 200 The Spot GC39 5/26/2000 New York Traditional Cache

22 188 St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache GC7ED 4/26/2001 Missouri Virtual Cache

40 150 The Sword In The Stone GC27N0W 5/3/2010 Minnesota Traditional Cache

42 149 Capitol View GCDE1 6/27/2001 District of Columbia Virtual Cache

44 148 Missouri's First - Watts Mill GC37 6/20/2000 Missouri Traditional Cache

54 139 Tarryall GC18 7/2/2000 Colorado Traditional Cache

61 133 Mall of America Cache III GC7B09 4/6/2003 Minnesota Traditional Cache

85 113 Tombstone GC62 9/26/2000 Texas Multicache

87 111 State Game Lands #109 GC184 9/21/2000 Pennsylvania Traditional Cache

94 106 The Fort Williams Cache GC128 1/2/2001 Maine Traditional Cache

98 105 The Grassy Knoll GC3710 2/2/2002 Texas Virtual Cache

100 103 First Mass GC74 10/1/2000 Massachusetts Traditional Cache

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as more people find Super Pages located in Bremerton Washington, it will move to the top of the list as it is probably the best cache in the world. check it out and look at the log entrys.


And this one too..


TT III X 3 GC2P8XW Washington

TT III is a great cache but compared to super pages it would would lose out in a hurry. Super pages is worth your ferry trip to bremerton to find but be sure to check the hours it is available.


I just looked up Super Pages and yea, I know of the CO since I found two of his caches in Oregon. One of them is the well known Dr.Who. I got a really good idea what Super Page is all about after I read the cache page. :D

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