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Lot Coin Sale - First buyer takes all 17!

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Been selling coins in a prior topic. Here are the remaining ones for sale, 17 total! THE FIRST $100 plus $5.25 for priority flat rate box receives the ENTIRE BUNCH! (US or Canada shipping only, will need to figure out cost for shipping elsewhere) THIS IS $5.88 A COIN! FOR TRACKABLES! My loss, your gain :)


I'm headed to California for my son's graduation and need some gas money baby! First one to email at suzyfishn@gmail.com takes all! I would like to get these sold/sent out Friday if I can.


-Beijing Observatory (nickel/red)

-Black Canyon Beach Luau Event (BN)

-Brawny Bear Clan (AG)

-Caching in the Holidays Snow Globe (gold)

-Denver Benchmark Micro (bronze)

-Geocide Geocoin (nickel/silver)

-Geo Olympics (nickel/silver)

-Geowoodstock VI (nickel/silver)

-Hawaii Micro Hibiscus (yellow/gold)

-Holiday Lights (green glitter)

-Lost Coast Cachers (gold)

-Made in China Geocoin (nickel/silver)

-Nutcracker 2008 (gold)

-Prairie Towers (BN)

-Reel CITO Geocoin (BN)

-Team LegGoes 2006 (bronze)

-Tiki Luau (BN)

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