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Hello Marit!!! :D WOW!!! you had so much rain??? the worst August since 1906????? :blink:

Oh boy....!!!


I am wondering... do you often have rains etc... during summer? Not only in Northern europe but in other parts of the world.. that have summer this time of season! :huh:


Hi Nikos,

Yes, The Netherlands have sea climate conditions, so the rain is never far away.

On average it means in the month of August:

23 days of temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius

195 hours of sun and 78 mm of rain (per square meter).


I won't bother you with the statistics of last month, they were bad and it doesn't make me happy...:sad:


We better talk about Yanagi's beautiful geocoin again... :D

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Let's do another cointest! As you may already know the idea of the cutout in the coin is that if you look through it the family on the coin is in the surrounding where the coin is.


Here is the task of the cointest:


If you win a Team Yanagi coin in this cointest in which surrounding or with which background would you take a picture of the family on the coin? (for example: at nice viewpoints, in front of sculptures, in front of your geocoincollection, at places with special meanings to you, etc). Of course you can post a picture of your suggestion and you can explain why you would take especially this picture (both things are not compulsory but may increase your chances for posting the best entry).


Please be creative but realistic because we would like to see the suggested picture with the coin posted here in this thread after the winner got the coin (a picture on the Mount Everest could be a problem then ;) ).


We will pick two winners: one will be picked randomly and one will be picked by Team Yanagi for the best entry.


Additional rules:


  • one post per day
  • I will anounce the end of this cointest later
  • there will be definitely 2 different winners so we will draw again if the randomly picked winner is the same than the winner that was picked by us
  • the winners will only be the official owners of the coin if they post the suggested picture here in this thread


I really hope you like this cointest and I'm looking forward to read your suggestions... :drama::drama::drama:

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I'd take a photo of it with Mt. Blanc in the background.

We have some nice views of it just a few minutes from our house, and in winter the Alps are normally very clear with a layer of cloud below us.

Here's a panoramic picture I took last winter from a viewpoint nearby.




Thanks for the cointest.

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I love this coin it's very personal and beautiful at the same time.


I would like to take a picture of the coin and family who are standing before a background where someone is about to find/place a cache.

I really like to go out geocaching with my family. It's a great thing to do for both kids and adults. So it would be a symbol of two of the things that matters a lot to me.


Thank you for the cointest! :-)

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Falling water is a great place to find rainbows. I think Natural Bridge State Park in MA would provide a nice backdrop.




Thank you for hosting this cointest. You have designed a truly beautiful personal geocoin.


Edit:An ed for that design :rolleyes:

#2: Oh, good grief! I meant adding the ed to the end of the word design in my post.

Edited by aka Momster
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I would take it to a visit in the Rhodian History and beauty...


Firstly... I would take it to see the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes!




You can see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo in rhodes! the view is amazing there and you can also see an ancient stadium and an ancient small theatre.. (odeum)! In case you will ever visit the area... you can also see me too! it is very close to my house so I go for walks there quite often1 :)

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I would take a picture of it looking out at the view of my favorite spot. Near the river there is a cliff that goes down a longggh way. Bit the river curves right there. So you can see a ling way to the east, north, and west. Often on the north side that is at river level I can see moose, deer, or coyotes come out to drink. It is an awesome spot and the coin would look great there.

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There are so many beautiful views that I could choose from but I'm submitting this one because its just down the road from my house and in the winter I go with my son to feed the ducks. Its really nice when its all snowy and frozen :)


I would really love to win this cointest, but I've got to say, that is a BEAUTIFUL picture!

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There are so many beautiful views that I could choose from but I'm submitting this one because its just down the road from my house and in the winter I go with my son to feed the ducks. Its really nice when its all snowy and frozen :)


I would really love to win this cointest, but I've got to say, that is a BEAUTIFUL picture!

Thanks, I took about 20 odd photos that day and it was the only one that really captured what i wanted :) I see so many pictures of hot warm places but I really love the effect you get from the snow and ice.

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huh.... unfortunatelly snow is something very rare here in Rhodes! I have never seen any falling.... I only saw some on the top of the highest mountain of Rhodes, but even there... you can not see it often!


anyway.... I can take a photo with your coin in a place that is somehow one of the symbols of Rhodes!


It is the Lighthouse - fort of St. Nicholas, and the Mandraki harbour! There are 2 columns there that have deer statues on them... a symbol of Rhodes (we have the dama-dama deers here which are very rare and protected)too! During Italian occupation of the dodecanese islands... one of the columns (I think the one close to the fort) had the statue of the female wolf with Remus and Romylus... the symbol of Rome!


According to a legent... in that area where the columns stand........ Colossus was standing (with open legs so ships can pass..)! One of the 7 wonders of the world! Of course this is wrong.... he didn'teven have his legs open as we know from paintings etc of the 1600's, 1700's, 1800's...... you can imagine him as the Statue of Liberty! see... the Statue has Rays on her head.... just like God Hellios.... whose statue was Colossus! ;)


here is a photo... not mine but you can see the area.... I do not know if I win... if I will take the photo at night... but even during the day the area is nice! hmm... I might show you both...


photos taken from here....



the night photo was taken from here



you can see other photos there.... too.






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Hey Nikos..... what's the story on the elk in the picture near the bay?


Sorry to hijack the thread in advance.


Edit... found my answer


:) Imentioned some info about the Dama-Dama Deers in my post.. They are also called Platoni!


It is very rare! you can see these in Rhodes, in Attalya in turkey and in Iran! of course they have different names... The itanian is the Dama Messopotamica and the Turkish is the Dama dama and our's just Dama... but we call it damadama..


it is not big in size! it can reach the 1.5 metres and weights about 100 kilos.... but some males probably can reach the 150 kilos! they are very fast!!


In older times we used to have many but illegal hunting (Rhodian deers are highly protected! if they caught you killing or hunting them....hmmm....) and the fires we had that destroyed many of the forests they were living and eating... decreased their population into just 100-150 in the wild and about 70 in capture (in spacial protected places of the municipality of rhodes!)


it is said that Crusaders brought them in the medieval times because rhodes had many snakes... so they brought them to watch their camps... kill the snakes and because they horns had something that was keeping snakes away!

since every year the horns of the deer are falling... you can see some in old houses... to keep snakes off! I also have to say that one of the ancient names of Rhodes was Ofiousa (means... with a lot of snakes) but do not worry... none is poisonus here... and we do not have that many anymore! ;)


Of course... this about the crusaders is wrong! An other name of Rhodes was Elafousa, that means... with a lot of deers!

Elafi = deer in greek!


Archeologists and scientists found that the deers arehere from the 6000 BC, and they were probably cut out from the mainland in the changing of the land... the formation etc... when Rhodes was cut out from the asia minor coasts... (sea level was chaning a lot back then in the mediterannean)


So... the Deer became one of the symbols of Rhodes, (the others are... the hebiscus that we can see as a symbol od the ancient city too..and in its coins), Colossus, the head of Hellios from ancient rhodian coins, and maybe the windmills, the castello (grand masters palace).....


during the italian occupation of the islands.... there were not 2 deers on the columns... (male and female) but only the female and the female wolf with the two babies Remus and Romylus who created Rome....(symbol of Rome). the male deer statue was in an other place... probably near there.... after we join greece... the male was put in the column...:) I might be wrong in the male of female now who was up in the beggining etc.. but... you got the general idea!

The italian symbol still exists but hidden.... I have seen it, touched it but.. it is in an area that is not open to public! ;)


The lighthouse is very historic there!!! it has an amazing story with huge battles in the medieval times! you know.. this fort was protecting both ports of Rhodes! if this was captured by the Ottomans... the city would fell after a while! at first it was just a round tower but later when gunpowder and canons came... they build the wall around... that had an inclination so cannon balls wouldn't have a straight hit and destry the walls! back in 1480 in the first siege of Rhodes by Ottomans, they tried had to take the fort! They were fighting day and night! They even built a flowting bridge from the land on the other side (in mandraki, somewhere behing Evangelismos church...) but it was such a bloody fight and many ottomans died that even after knights won... you cound see that the sea was red! even after 1 month, Ottoman soldier dead bodies were coming out of the botton of the sea.... of course the bridge didn;t hold and many were drawned (the armory was so heavy....) It is said that there were so many dead soldiers there that you could actually walk on the bodies that were in the sea and go to the other side where the fort was... without even toch the water! huh!


the fort hold but in difficult times when it was about to fall... even the Grand master himself...P. D'Aubisson went there to fight with the other knights! the forst hold even in the 1522 siege when Rhodes signed piece with ottomans and knights had to leave...


In ottoman times it was still protecting the ports... and in 1863 the lighthouse was built inside the fort... by the French lighthouses company! It is still in use! of course now it is automatic.... and it was beeing repeared for some years...


the area that the sea "hits" the forst had to change... and they put huge stones to stop the waves damaging the walls... but this actually "sunked" the wall there.... into the stones... I think inside there is even a small church... but...I do not remember well...

It took its name from the sculpture that is on one of the walls... showing the Saint! St Nicholas the protector of the Navy men and sailors, fishermen etc for Greece! maybe if the small church trully exists... it is dedicated to this Saint.. I only went inside 2 times... it was closed for a long time.... so...


I forgot to mentioned about the road that connects the fort with the land! it was from the ancient times before Christ!! you can still see some ruins, and the places ancients used to put the rops of their ships...

the windmills used to be more but only 3 are left! they are from the medieval times.. (or byzantine...) and during a war or a siege.. they were turned into making gunpowder fot the knights! ;)


I am sorry for my long post and I hope I didn't ruined the cointest! :)

Edited by GATOULIS
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today's post....


how about... a view of the Mandraki harbour, the new market of Rhodes (new market is not that new... it is from the italian occupation..) and the Grand Master's palace????


day or night??? ;)







photos taken from the net...


from here: http://www.vlassopoulostravel.gr/full_product.php?prod_id=pentaimerirodos&page=0&cf=6


and here: http://www.musicheaven.gr/html/modules.php?name=Search&forum=1&member=cello

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how about seeing your coin in Lindos??? this is the most famous ancient city in Rhodes and goes back to the 10th century BC... YES! that's the 1000 BC! its 3000 years old!


It ws very rich and also had colonies in Magna Grecia... (south Italy and Sicely)

In 408BC Lindos, Ialisos and Kameiros the 3 rhodian cities joind and created Rhodes City!


The city is about 50KM away from Rhodes City... and during Summer it is very well visited! The acropolis is amazing with ruins from ancient Temples (the best known is the one of Athena of Lindos)and other buildings plus medieval walls etc from the Knights of St. John who were in dodecanse from 1309 until 1522!


IT is very hot there... and to go up to the acropolis (has a ticket to enter...) you can go by walking or with Lindow taxi... the donkeys! :laughing:


see some photos you might like....


first photo is mine... showing me and my sister too... the other was taken from here





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Day 5 background picture


Tivoli Nimb Building Copenhagen Denmark:






Tivoli Amusement Park Copenhagen Denmark.

Tivoli is one of the greatest attraction in Scandinavia and one of the world's best known amusement parks.

Nimb Hotel, or simply the Nimb, is a five-star boutique hotel in the Tivoli Gardens. The hotel is located in a historic building from 1909.


(Fotos from here: Tivoli Nimb Building Copenhagen Denmark Danmark 2010 a700 and here: http://www.photosight.org/photo.php?photoid=94208)

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Well with Christmas not so far away and everyone else post sunny pictures here is another from Estonia. Our Christmas market in the center of old town. We go every year and it will be a white Christmas again this year too. After living in Cyprus for 20 years its noice to have snow :)


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Day 8 background picture


This is found in the center of copenhagen. Great place to sit in the summer and get some icecream. It's beautiful in the winter too. I would love to take a picture here.




[Picture from here: http://www.denstoredanske.dk/Kunst_og_kultur/Billedkunst/Billedkunst,_Danmark_generelt/Storkespringvandet]

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huh... living in a small island and not travelling a lot... doesn't give you much choises... but... here is my new proposal...


how about to take your coin in the dragon's cave? hehehehe


Yes... the cave of the dragon of Rhodes!


in the ancient times these caves were reformed a little by the ancient Rhodians who made them sanctuariew for the Nymphs... (small female gods...)

In the medieval times, they were abandoned and the whole area was like a swamp...with stoped water and wild nature... one day a strange dragon appeared on the island and it was killing all the animals, the sheeps the goats etc, plus the people who were going to a nearby church of St. Stefanos, to pray! Many knights tried to kill him but they all ended dead! people were scared and started maximized things... so they started saying that it was huge, nothing could pass its skin... it was throwning fire from its nose....


The great Magister of the knights of Rhodes, ordered none of the knights to go and kill it! he couldn't lose more men!


A young knight with the name Dieudonné de Gozon, wanted to kill the dragon... so he took a year of vacation saying that his father needed him... and he trained his dogs in his father's castle in france... (I think), and his horse so it will not fear the dragon..


when he returned to Rhodes he took his servant and went to kill the dragon without saying anything to the other knights!


With a big risk of his life... he managed to kill the dragon! he was injured too! on his way back... the news were already spread in the city and all the citizents were out to welcome their savior... the Dragonslayer! he faced the grand master who thanked him and congratulated him for his courage.. but he also arested him and convicted him into death for not following his order not to go to fight the dragon!!! The people started yelling and were asking from the grand master to save the life of their heroe! The grand master did this!


Dieudonné de Gozon was so popular that he became the next grand master! he was a good ruller.. and he is the only one that when he died... his sarcofagus had the word... Dragon slayer!


What about the dragon now? What the dragon was? hmm... well.. the head of the dragon was brought to the city and they put it on one of the main gates of the city... the one that was nearer to the Palace... the Amboise gate!


it was there even when Ottomans took the city... it was there until 1857 I think...(I am not sure... but it was somewere in the 1800's) when scientists from other countries came and examined the scull! they said that it was definatelly from a huge crocodile or a serpant! so they took the head down! I have no idea what happent to this trophy! I wish it still existed!


In case you are wondering... how a crocodile came in Rhodes... and if all that is true....


The story is completelly true!!!


in the medieval times many kings in europe, just to show their power and how rich they were... they used to have private zoos.. many animals were in cages in their palace... and wild beasts from exotic places were very famous! if the beast was huge and very dangerous... it meant that the king was very powerfull! huh!


So... many ships were bringing wild animals from africa etc... most probably a ship sunked near rhodes, and the only animal that survived was the crocodile... who knew how to swim! it was probably lucky enough to get free from its cage...


the crocodile went out and it found the best place to make its nest... in the swamp like ground and the caves of the area!


I do not know if these caves were the real onew the dragon used to live as the hill of Montesmith is big... but... near the caves.. there are ruins of a small church, and there is also a small cave church! Also... the name we use for the acropolis of rhodes (yes, the acropolis is up here too!), except of the montesmith is acropolis hill and.... St. Stefanow Hill (remember the name of the church that was near the dragon's hunting area?) so.... ;)


when I was a child I used to go to these caves with my friends for our adventure.. the treasure hunting in the caves... trying to find the treasure of the dragon! :laughing: was that a kind of geocaching before geocaching was created?? :anitongue:


in the photo you can see the gate and the tunnel of one of them! we used to say that this was the way to the dragon's mouth! if you have a lot of imagination (well.. we were kids!) the entrance looks like an open mouth with the 2 eyes....

the tunnel goes under the road that is in use! so if you are down there... and a truck passes.. you hear strange noises and everything is trembling! back then... the gates were open but now archeology closed them!




here is a photo from above... the roof in the main area is open... but there are many covered places...



now...I can take a photo with your coin at the entrance of the cave... would that be nice? :)


In case you want to see the gate of the city the head was placed for some hundrend of years... you can see it here!

Rhodes D'Amboise Gate


if you also want a photo there.. just let me know! :)


Every year in Rhodes, we hve a medieval festival and the main game is the dragond treasure search... when teams that participate are trying to find clues by solving riddles ect...

when the festival is on... you can see people dressed like the medieval times, knights on the roads of the medieval city... etc... for more info see here...



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