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The cathedral is, to use a local colloquialism, munted. It is just tragically reduced in height and scale. ~Bob Parker, mayor of Christchurch, describing the damaged Christchurch Cathedral in a media briefing after the February earthquake.


Munted (along with liquefaction) became daily, household terms around Canterbury following those earthquakes.

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Well living on a farm and being more or less full of it I constantly say silly things. The temperature being in the upper 90's lately I said one that made my father laugh so ill post it as my first one.


As we were going to the hen house to gather eggs we were discussing how it been so hot lately and I made the statement..."yeah its so hot ill bet the hens are laying boiled eggs"


He paused...laughed...looked at me and said "you ain't right"


So there's my first offering of a saying :) thanks for the cointest and very nice coin BTW.

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The Norwegian equivalent (translated to English):


"A beat-up and a backpack"


(Not sure "a beat-up" is a word - in Norwegian we've got a noun version of "being beaten up".)


bread and pull it.


a quote my mum always used when asked whats for dinner

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Gotta love that one! :)


One more from the Boy Scouts...


:)Be Prepared :)


"Promise the world, deliver nothing!" - me :)


An ex-boss use to occasionally remind us to promise a little, deliver the world. So I'd come up to him and say What was that phrase again? Oh, Yeah - "Promise the world, deliver nothing! Promise the world, deliver nothing!" And then I would wander off muttering that. :laughing: Ah, good days, good days.

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