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Charles IV - King of Bohemia Geocoin

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Geocoin is based on the actual historical seal of the Charles IV (Karel IV) from the year 1349. Charles IV is considered to be the greatest king in the Czech history. He was also Roman Emperor and played major role in the European history.




Latin text on the front side of the coin is KAROLUS.DEI.GRA.ROMANOR.REX.SEMPER.AUGUSTUS - ET.REX.BOEMIE - By The Grace of God Roman King Forever Augustus And King of Bohemia. Back side of the coin is similar to the usual seal of roman emperor. The text in latin is ROMA.CAPUT.MUNDI.REGIT.ORBIS.FRENA.ROTUNDI - Rome capital of the world, holds the reins of the round orb. On the church door it says AUREA.ROMA - Golden Rome.


Stamped geocoin has diameter of 45 mm, detailed 3D relief on both sides. Tracking code is engraved on the edge of the coin. Geocoin is trackable at www.geocaching.com with its own icon.


There are four variants available - antique gold, antique silver, two tone antique gold + silver LE, and two tone antique silver + gold LE.


Coins are available through our geocoin shop www.GeocoinDirect.net


NB: For those outside EU the tax will be deducted during checkout.

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