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New eTrex range from Garmin


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Wow that is great. I might just look in that direction over the Oregon as they are pretty robust. Mine has had a full on slam into rocks when I slipped once and all it got was a few scratches on the screen.... It was in my hand and was breaking my fall.... They can survive a water dunking and the batteries last for ages. Have done long hikes and left it on through about 30km of hiking... and still have battery life. Great units. Cannot wait to see what the prices will be like here... but maybe if one of my buddies from Doha might go shopping ;-)

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Yep I like mine current eTrex Legend as well.


When I got off the bike the other day, it fell, and somehow the power switch broke.

Took it to Garmin for a quote, and they don't repair but will replace it with a new unit for R950.00.


That is a new unit, and they transfer my current 2009 maps to the new unit (I don't get 2011 maps)

So now I am ooh-ing and ahh-ing if I should not maybe spend the extra R900.00 and just buy a new one with the new maps, or maybe wait a little bit, and spend even more and get one of the eTrex 10 coming out soon. I wonder when they will arrive in South Africa.

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Eish - what a beauty! But why did they move the joystick to the right hand side??????? :rolleyes:


... but maybe if one of my buddies from Doha might go shopping ;-)


The pricing seems to be very competitive indeed. What I can see is the new eTrex 30 will cost about the same as I paid for my eTrex Vista HCx nearly 3 years ago! [Around US$300] wazat, let's wait to see what they will cost in SA. Remember anything that I buy here will be sans maps!

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I was at Garmin SA the other day to get my new replacement eTrex Legend from an insurance claim, and asked them when they will receive the new eTrex range.

"What new eTrex range?" I was asked.

"The new 10, 20 and 30 eTrex", I answered/

"Never heard of it" was the reply.


Other then that I had great service from Garmin, and had good assistance from them unlocking my new 2011.1 topo & rec map.


Just a pity that there was a muggle selling wares next to the cache close by.

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