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mMust get caches from I84 down I15 to Las Vegas


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The family is going from the Tri-Cities, Wa. down to Las Vegas. We are looking at getting some caches as we make our way to LV. We are looking at unusual/fun caches (quick ones not the kind that will take a long time please) along this route. I am going to try to get a decent PQ going but if you guys can recommend some must haves along our route I would appreciate it. We will be getting as many TB's as we can to drop in the caches as we can. If anybody has any TB's looking to head towards LV we will be happy to get them on their way. A local cacher asked us to grab her TB from a fellow cachers cache so we could send him to Nevada. One down how many more are out there?


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That is on my list of places to go but not on this trip. I am looking for caches near the interstate. We plan on getting some wherever we stop for food and maybe for the night. If there are some good ones (I know...any cache is a good cache) along the route then we would have to make time for some extra special fun.

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It depends on what route you're taking -- you mention the "interstate", which doesn't describe US 93 -- but I did most of this same drive in 2004, and my two most memorable stops were at Schellbourne (history) and Alien Fresh Jerky (goofy), although I didn't stop to look for caches at these two spots.


I expect you're taking I-82 to I-84 to US-93 to Vegas. I joined into that route at Ontario/Boise. It's a nice drive, but not a lot of rest areas. Make sure your car's in great shape before leaving Ely -- that's a long, fun, desolate drive.

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