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Oregon 450 programing question

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On my oregon 450 when i select a cache from the list and hit the "GO" Button the screen automatically goes to the map page. Is there a way to set it up where it will automatically go to the compass page? I have looked through the menu but can't find anything.

If it's there, I've never found it, either. I don't like the "geocaching dashboard", so do it the same way you do. That little "X" in the lower left is the first place to wear out on all of my screensavers!
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My "solution" is to configure the map screen to "small data fields", set one of them to "pointer" and another to "distance to destination". That way I get the same functionality as on the compass screen (or well, close enough), plus the map. Additional benefit is that the screen blanking on the map screen actually helps you save batteries.

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