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[New Geocoin] Galo de Barcelos 2011

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The GeocacherZONE returned to innovate, and produced the first geocoin 100% manufactured in Portugal.


The idea was to recreate a geocoin where one of the most emblematic symbols of Portugal and that it was produced in Portugal.


After some ideas and contacts we started to produce the Galo de Barcelos. The first sample was very satisfactory, so we ordered it to be produced 200 Galos de Barcelos, 100 black and 100 white background.


When we received them we were very pleased with the final, all these are unique geocoin, they where all painted by hand and also trackable code was entered manually into each bump at the base there is a serial number.




Geocoin Name: Galo de Barcelos 2011


Material: Ceramics


Version: Black & White


Size: 4,5cm height


Quantity: 100 of each version.


Icon: 4461.gif4461.gif


Trackable at Geocaching.com: yes


Here is the link for the white version and the black one.

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It's darling, but I'd hesitate to call it a geocoin. I just don't see any "coin-iness" in it.

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I looked and it's a beautiful "coin", but I'm not willing to spend the kind of money you need for shipping



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