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Garmin Oregon 550t or Garmin GPSMAP 62st?

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I am still going to decide myself which one I am going to buy but I want you to submit your "vote" on which gps is better. According to garmin the gpsmap is only 50 dollars less because it is not a touchscreen...hmmm...im not sure a touchscreen would be good though...what do you think about these two GPSr's? I want your true opinion! Thanks!

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Personal preference : between the two, the Oregon, because of the much higher resolution screen.


But I wouldn't get a "t" model. I'd save the money and get free maps instead.


I wouldn't get the 550 either, as I don't care for the camera (though, I must admit, it is convenient).


Today is the last day to get the 62s for $280 from REI. Unless you're still trying to earn enough money to upgrade ;)

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And I didn't like the Oregon 450's screen at all (it's the 550 with the same screen but no crappy camera). It is difficult to read in bright sunlight unless you hold it at just the right angle. It was SUPER difficult to read on a bicycle mount.


I sent it back and bought the 62S and couldn't be happier with the 62S... don't miss that hard to read Oregon screen at all. The lower resolution 62S screen is very readable in all lighting, and works great in a fixed position like a bicycle mount. It also has a better "quad helix" antenna than the Oregon series.


My advice would be to buy from a place who will allow you to bring it back if not satisfied for a full refund.


Also keep in mind that you WILL need additional maps. The free ones at gpsfiledepot.com are very good, but if you need an auto-routing street and highway map you are going to need Garmin's City Navigator maps. Also, if you want to view elevation profiles in basecamp I don't think most of the free maps have that, so you would need Garmin's Topo 2008.


If you get an Oregon with the T suffix or the 62ST, they already have the equivalent of the Topo 2008 maps installed, but I don't think they will do on-road auto routing without City Navigator.

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The only vote that counts is yours. A friend with the 550 could not be happier with it. On the other hand, I like buttons rather than touchscreens and for me the 62s has been fast, accurate, and easy to use. If I did not already have a pocket pc unit that supports wherigos, the lack of support in the 62s series might have made it a tougher decision.


I would try to find a store where you could try out both, or if you know cachers who have either of these units, give them a spin for yourself. Everyone's preferences will vary.

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I cannot exactly answer your concerning the 62st and the 550t but I had to decide between the 450 and the 60cxs. So I suppose the case was similar ;)

I started with the GPSMAP and was quite happy to have a high-performance antenna. However, the interface is a bit of a pain.

I later decided to go for the Oregon because it was made specifically for geocaching and it had a touchscreen (I also have an iPhone so I'm through with switches;).

It displays the description, the logs and hints very simply.


I was just worried the antenna wouldn't be as good as the GPSMAP's.


As it turns out, I'm perfectly happy with the Oregon and I haven't been using the GPSMAP since.

It's accurate and easy to use.

With a few adjustments, I can also view the spoiler pictures on site. Very nice.


However, I have the version without camera for I didn't feel any use for it. Now, I sometimes wish I had one..


But you see, my opinion differs from some of the other answers.

I guess that, technically, both are similar. You won't be lost with either one!

Your choice will depend on your liking the touchscreen or not.


I'm more confortable with the Oregon "iphone look", I suppose.


'Hope this helps!


Have fun,


Mirage B.

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