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Idea! to find new caches

xpunkx & Julez

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I was thinking the other night. it would be great if someone could make a phone # i.e. 1-800-geocach(e) (not enough numbers for the e...but when you call it it would be like a portal to the site. you could say the coords that you are at and find caches nearby. I know that when i am out on vacation or what ever i don't always have access to the net you could also maybe log your caches too.. the idea came from the phone number 1-800-555-TELL (it is an info number everything from sports to driving directions and it is free icon_smile.gif ) let me know what you all think..and if it would be possible

xpunkx of xpunkx & julez


Julez and The Punk

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If you are out on vacation you can usually stop by almost any public library and use the net for free. I've done so many times.


Voice output is terribly low bandwidth compared to the amount of information that is on a cache web page. You don't really want to go there.

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