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Suggestion: bookmarking maps, helps bandwidth too

Den-Den and Pi
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First, let me say you have the most amazing site I've ever seen. Very well done!!


I'm sure you have a lot of band-width issues and I thought of something that could help that and help your users at the same time:


When I go on a trip, I like to find caches by clicking on the map of california, then drilling down, panning, etc. The problem is, I can't bookmark a map that I've found in the past. So, when I want to look at the area again, I zoom, pan and click until I find it again. This takes time and uses a lot of bandwidth, I would assume, with the number of users that must hit geocaching.com


The solution, however, is very simple. In the form tag, change it from a POST to a GET. Then users can bookmark the map!


Whadda ya think? Please?!?! :-)


Great site!

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