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I think I'm just going to walk out of the house while my parents aren't looking and go find a few geocaches! :)

Personally, I don't think you should 'sneak' out while your parents aren't paying attention.


1) It certainly will not build trust...

2) That type action will ONLY alienate them to geocaching all the more...


How 'bout DEALING with the problem? Dialog solves most problems -- at least it gives opportunity for compromise.

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Show your parents how much you can learn from geocaching. You have already done some history in the Fuquay series. You have done chemistry with the Ivy League dolphin.


You are building your communication skills and interpersonal skills on the forums. This will help you out in life with job skills.


You are learning critical thinking skills in your searches and learning problem solving skills not only in the search for caches but in the ways to earn money for a new gps.


It is a great way to keep yourself occupied and keeping young teens occupied helps keep you out of trouble.


It can be great exercise (I saw that you ride your bike to caches with your mom) so it will help keep you healthy and strong.


Try to show your parents that it is teaching you life skills that will serve you in life, not just the fun parts of the game.


Just having a well thought out discussion about the sport is going to show them that caching is helping your growth towards being a asset to society and a well rounded young man.


No parent can argue against helping you become a good man.

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