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New Nearest Cache Page (Observations)


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Originally posted by orange:


My nearest is now in Kilometers. I want miles.


How do we change that for each user?


Towards the bottom the of search result page you should see the following:


Distances measured in Kilometers Switch


Happy hunting,



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I'm not sure what I can add to all that has been said, but here's my 2 cents:


As mentioned before, the feature I miss most dearly is having the *found* and *not found* caches sorted on each page. Perhaps you could have another drop down menu on each result page with a "sort by" feature. Right now it sorts my distance. But what if we could sort by found/not found, most recently found etc.


You could do this feature on a "macro" scale, sorting all results. Or, my preference, on a "micro" scale -- sorting just the results on the page.


Hope that's helpful.

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