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need a cheap gps to get started in florida...please help

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hi I'm new to this geocaching my cuz jhayes took me out on a few with him in hopes to turn me on to it...my first cache i was not impressed (i didnt understand) but the second cache we found was so fun and woundnt you know it I got hooked...so now im home and dont have a gps unit i use my computers google maps and my cell phone by just compairing the two maps and putting a marker where the icon on the computer screen is on my cell phone it takes so long...So im looking for a cheap gps that shows maps and is easy to use i would like one that uses a USB cable to connect to the internet color screen is not important to me but would be nice i dont need one with all the mp3's and text to voice just a good gps to get me started only want to spend around $50.00 to $70.00 on my first one untill i get the hang of it.I live in inverness FL so any cachers out there that want to get together and cache let me know and thanks for your time.


rookie geocacher


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How about a used venture hc for $65 shipped? The "rubber band" has come loose but you can search the site for advice on that.Find the right glue. Works fine( I will check it again tomorrow). Let me see, color screen, hc, and I can slide you the topo maps you need in full. I have sold here before and had no complaints.

Ken Darnell

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the used venture hc.


Hi. Don't mean to hijack the thread. I wanted to leave a trace of the deal on this forum so I can be bitched at in public if there are any problems. :laughing: I have a rep to maintain here which should assure the customer. We can finish the deal by email. It comes with the cable. I will try it out to make sure all the buttons still work.

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