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Watch cache and trackables, but what about friends?


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Greetings all. Hope you are keeping well?


I see that you can set up a radius of 80km or so to watch for activity in caches. I also see that you can watch trackables and get a message whenever something happens with it. But what about your friends? Is there some way to add them to a watch list so that you know when they do a cache or log something etc?


Thank you.

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Hahahah! Well, it would just be nice to see that X stopped by at this or that place while on their way to wherever. I guess you could just add their dipping geocoin to your watch list! Especially now that we have good friends in Canada, New Zealand and England that just like us only occasionally get the opportunity to cache.

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Fortunately not, at least not directly, and I'm not sure I'd want someone to be able to. Most of the people that are interested in my activities are usually with me anyway, or I will tell them about it. The best you can do is add them to your friends list and periodically check when last they were active on the site...


The frequency that you check it will be directly proportional to the level of stalking :)


... from the geocaches tab on their public profile, you can click on "all geocaches found" which will display a list of all the caches that person has done. And while its not shown in the list, the list is in descending chronological order, so you can see what caches they did most recently.

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Hi there Vryburgers


I enjoyed caching with you, Die Pienaars and Megaben in Durban en of last year.


If you want to see what most of your friends in SA has been up to, you can get an update every day on www.sageostats.co.za (link) if they are listed on this site. To get yourself listed there you have to send an email to where it is indicated on the site itself.


Best regards


Worm :rolleyes:

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Thanks Worm! It was great! I really enjoyed it too and learned a lot from you guys. Hopefully my caches will be up soon and you'll come visit!


Edkin, I found a way... what you do is go into a spesific province and then at the top somewhere it will say:"Note: This site is updated once a day at 1:00AM GMT - If you are not on the list, please email us to be added" with a hot link.

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